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How do I settle taxes owing with the Canada Revenue Agency? Consult a tax settlement (amnesty) company in the Misssissauga, Oakville, Toronto regions. Read more

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Are you tired of paying too much tax in Canada? If yes, then you must watch this video, “How to save personal taxes in Canada?”

In this video, I share the some of the best proven tax savings strategies, which I have compiled over the years as a Personal Taxes Oakville Accountant. Read more

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Many companies today have a presence online or they are conducting business completely online. While that’s great for increasing sales and profits, it does pose many tax issues. This article discusses current issues related to tax for online businesses in Canada.

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How do I transfer my business to my family members in Canada? As baby-boomers come closer to retirement, this question is on many of their minds.

As a Tax Accountant in Mississauga, I have assisted many business owners in successfully transferring all or a portion of their business to family members through the use of an Estate Freeze. Read more

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