About Me

Allan Madan is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Accountant in the Mississauga and Greater Toronto areas.

Allan has over 9 years of accounting and tax experience in working with the corporations, the self-employed, investors and individuals.

Facts About Allan Madan

  • Founder of Madan Chartered Accountant in Mississauga
  • Prior to starting his own Mississauga Accounting Firm, he worked for one of the Big 4 Accounting firms as an International Tax Manager
  • Allan’s credentials include: Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Accounting, and Chartered Accountant
  • He’s completed the CICA In Depth Tax Course (Parts 1 & 2), which is the most comprehensive tax training program in Canada
  • In addition to preparing tax returns, Allan helps his clients Beat the Taxman with innovative tax strategies

For your tax, business and accounting needs, contact me now

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