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Madan CA
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 48 reviews
by Chirag on Madan CA
Realestate Investor
Your Location: Brampton

I met Mr. Madan to inquire about tax laws for real estate investor as non resident. I was impressed the way he clarified all my queries / doubts. He is very much knowledgeable. I strongly recommend him.

by Barbara B. on Madan CA

Informative. Eloquent. Helpful. Knowledgable. These words describe Mr. Madan. He is in his element. I have confidence in this individual and so will you.

by Kelly Amad on Madan CA
Your Location: Calgary, AB

Very impressed with Allan. First, I placed a call to service desk and inquired about certain tax issues. I later followed up with an email request, and Allan responded promptly and answered all my questions. 5 Star rating for sure!!!

by Hugo on Madan CA
Your Location: London, ON

This is my second time I submitted a question to Allan and once again it's a 10/10. The response is fast, clear, and to the point. The service you provide is priceless. Not everyone is willing to share knowledge like you and your team. Thank you Allan and thanks to your dedicated team.

by Catherine Franic on Madan CA

Allan and his team have been wonderful in helping me navigate the sometimes murky waters of tax laws and regulations. Allan is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and prompt in his replies. I highly recommend his work!

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4 months ago

I am so glad to communicate with Allan and his team by email. He is absolutely professional in all subject of Tax, accounting, and business. I am sure, if any owners of a company needs a CPA, Allan is the best choice without a shadow of a doubt.

Niko Garderis

5 months ago

I needed help planning my departure tax and related financial planning. I did extensive research and sat down with a few experts. It is my opinion that Allan is the most knowledgeable, and experienced accountant in this field. He is also very patient, and able to work with you and your time. I strongly recommend Madan Chartered accountants for your tax needs.

Meena Jolly

6 months ago

I contacted Allan and his team was very quick in reaching out to me. Within a week, my return was complete. I highly recommend this firm for their efficiency and professionalism.

Ranga Kishore

6 months ago

I recently contacted Mr Allan Madan. He not only readily agreed to discuss a tax matter over a phone call but also gave me extremely valuable advice. He even waived his fee for the time spent on the call. I hope to meet and personally thank him if and when I visit Toronto.

Hugo R

7 months ago

I submitted a question about corporate tax and was surprised to receive an answer the next day. Short and clear. That's what I needed. Thank you Allan for your service. Your site is a great source of information.

TDSS Support

7 months ago

Have been using Madan CA for a year and half now and have been extremely pleased. I have used them to handle 2 companies, one in BC and a US branch in Ontario. They are professional and very easy to work with. In additional, they have followed up on all Tax related items as well as reminding me of what is coming due. Highly recommended.

Nathalie Donets

7 months ago

Very helpful organization. They respond to your questions in a day or so and they know how to explain things! I would highly recommend Madan! Thank you for all your hard work!


8 months ago

This website is a great and valuable source of accounting information for small business. Allan was always there to answer my questions rapidly and accurately, I really appreciate that.

Babak H

8 months ago

I found Madan accounting online and reached out to them to help me with the taxes for my consulting company as well as other ventures. Allan was quite Knowledgeable and steered me in the right direction to enable my businesses with taxes rather than disable them. Shoaib managed to sort through all my files and create a detailed and systematic presentation and filings. Couldnt be happier!

Philippa M

9 months ago

I utilized the tax filing services of Madan CA for my tax returns. Shoiab Ahmed completed my returns in a timely manner and was professional, patient & knowledgeable in the matters pertaining to my tax situation.

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