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Madan CA
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by Osman Q. on Madan CA

This is my second year of tax filing with Madan Chartered Accountants. I have been thoroughly satisfied with the service they have rendered to me over the past two years. Especially this year, where there was an issue with the CRA’s assessment and Bhavin Patel was able to follow up adequately and get it resolved.

Keep up the good work guys!

by Anirudh R. on Madan CA

I was recommended go to to these guys by a friend. Since I was new to Mississauga dint have an accountant. Met with Bhavin Patel. I would highly recommend using Bhavin as the accountant. He was thorough in investigating my file and was transparent through the process. He managed expectations and delivered to his promises.

by Nikhil V. on Madan CA

Thanks to Allan Madan & team for responding to my queries. Especially a big thanks to Bhavin Patel. Bhavin was very humble and accommodating and even stayed late in the office to help me out on my case. Really appreciate it!

by Ni Ni on Madan CA

I am very happy with Allan and his teams of professional accounting service. It has been 3 years I have filed tax with them and highly recommend this firm!

by Indy on Madan CA

Just completed my income tax returns by Madan Chartered Accountants. The experience was spot on. I will be definitely using them next year aswell. Thanks, Bhavin!

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Tsung-Ting C.

2 months ago

Allan is very knowledgable in real estate and small business accounting. What impressed me most is that during our half hour paid consultation with Allan, he took detailed notes on everything that was discussed and sent it to me afterwards. This alleviates a problem where my partner and I have a discussion with other accountants and each of us end up with a different interpretations of the answer! Allan's notes helped clarify our situation and put us on the same page on what should be done so my partner and I can come to the same conclusions on how to proceed forward.


3 months ago

You don't get this many rave reviews without being courteous, prompt, and professional. Allan Madan CPA, and his team members Abid, Rick and Sarah have been nothing but exceptional! As a fairly new client, my personal and corporate tax filings are handled thoroughly and are expedient. If you're a young professional or business owner, you will appreciate the expertise and services of Allan Madan and his team!


3 months ago

Since 2017 I have been filing my corporate tax with Abid Manzoor at Madan CA. He has been doing an excellent job. Abid is flexible, proficient and very professional.

John O.

3 months ago

They offered an initial phone consult to answer my questions and to outline fees. Allan called at the scheduled time and provided clear information about their experience of situations similar to mine and some pertinent details.

Aurelien B.

3 months ago

Allan is - very knowledgeable and keeps his knowledge up to date: he has yearly webinars about the new tax rules and a blog, - very responsive: he has answered every single email I have sent him, referred me to his blog or explanatory documents his company has prepared on several tax matters, when needed. Abid from his team has helped me with my HST report and my T2 corporate taxes when needed. Abid was himself very responsive and knowledgeable. From what I can tell from Allan's interactions with his employees, he seems very respectful and appreciative of the help they provide him with. Allan has been very helpful with my needs as a real estate investor and as those needs have evolved as I started investing in the US.

Michael S.

3 months ago

Used online/telephone consultation, found both very useful and efficient

Zein C.

4 months ago

It’s my second year filing my corporate taxes with Abid Manzoor and the rest of the Madan team. He’s done an excellent job both years, he’s proficient and professional. Thank you!

Anmol T.

4 months ago

Being new to this country and first time with my corporate taxes I was initially skeptical about my choice but Madan and his team proved that I am with the best accountant team. Abid Manzoor was kind enough to help me with all my queries and taxes.


5 months ago

I met Mr. Madan to inquire about tax laws for real estate investor as non resident. I was impressed the way he clarified all my queries / doubts. He is very much knowledgeable. I strongly recommend him.

Rami E.

6 months ago

Allan is very knowledgeable in Canada-US corporate taxes. He listens and explain thoroughly. I highly recommend his Services. Thanks Allan!

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