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Madan CA
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by Harsh V. on Madan CA

Great work done by Rohan in my personal tax situation with cross border implications. Team has in depth knowledge of residency determination, US and Canadian Tax laws.

Rohan was prompt with his communication and accurate with his knowledge.

by Ankur S. on Madan CA

I worked with Ritika for filing my US and Canada taxes. Prompt and professional communication. Good knowledge of taxes. Very quick service. Attention to detail was better than other CPAs I have worked with but still could use improvement as I had to point to certain stock transactions that she missed in her initial calculations. Pricing was good too. I would come back and give them another try next year.

by Bridgette C. on Madan CA

Great service for our income tax returns! We've had our personal and corporate income tax returns done by this company for the last two years. We've always had our questions answered and they've also made sure that our forms are sent to CRA on time. Bijoy and Mahfuz were excellent!

by Nadia B. on Madan CA

Have been doing our taxes with Allan and his team at Madan Chartered Accountants and have had great experiences. Very professional and courteous. I've now been dealing with Imran for a few years and very pleased overall.

by Marivic T. on Madan CA

Again, I’m very grateful and satisfied with the service provided for me by this team. They’re always responsive and finished the work on time. Special mention to Imran Zafar who is very considerate, efficient and professional. You’re very well appreciated.

Stay safe and well guys. Thank you very much.

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Karen Smith

7 months ago

I received a class action suit settlement from another country and the amount of tax I needed to pay in Canada was not entirely clear. Akhill handled the situation like a professional, and provided me with multiple options on how to proceed. I'll use the services of Madan and Akhill again without hesitation. They're very skilled in international taxation laws.


7 months ago

It is great to work with Nick. He was very helpful in completing the returns on time.


7 months ago

First time I used them and will be last time. They made an error on my taxes and now I owe a fairly large amount to CRA. Disappointed.

Vinay Chaudhry

8 months ago

I used the services of Madan Chartered Accountants after relocating to Canada from India. I found the team to be very professional and knowledgeable about international taxation and structuring. They are readily accessible for any feedback and very transparent in the pricing. Thanks Allan, Abid, Marian, Bijoy & others for ensuring a smooth transition of my business.


8 months ago

I had the pleasure of working with Akhil Jha and Ritika Shrivastava on a cross-border tax issue, which they helped to resolve. Akhil completed all my international tax paperwork in a very timely and professional manner. Both Akhil and Ritika were highly responsive to my questions and they guided me through the process of submitting my tax paperwork and obtaining the tax transcripts that I needed. I would gladly work with them again.

NPD Products

8 months ago

As our company grows, so does the need for expert accounting. Working with Nick Angelis provides us the answers needed on complex issues quickly. USA or Canada, definitely the right person and firm to be working with.

abeer A

8 months ago

I have been using Madan Chartered Accountant for the past 4 years. they are very reliable. their senior accountant Nick Angelis is a pleasure to deal with. he takes the time to not only complete your taxes, but to also plan it for next year.
I recommend Madan for your personal and business taxes.

Tariq Noor

8 months ago

Great experience working with Madan Chartered Accountants, dealing with Abrowanil Roy was a breeze. Roy was very detail oriented and helpful in guiding to the end of the taxation process, turnaround time was quick to my queries. My recommendations definitely!

Carimila V.

9 months ago

We had the pleasure of dealing with Nick Angelis, who helped to complete our Corporations’ taxes back-to-back this year. Nick was highly knowledgeable in our business area, accommodating to our timelines, and very easy to interact with. All questions were answered in a patient and straightforward manner. Overall, Madan CA and Team have been reliable go-to Accountants.

Zhao Y.

9 months ago

Have been using the services from this company for a few years. It has been reliable. Nick Angelis their senior accountant is very knowledgeable and has been particularly helpful.

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