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Madan CA
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by Catherine W. on Madan CA

Worked with Madan Chartered Accountant for the past two years and have had a great experience throughout. We most recently had the staff accountant Bijoy Alex work on our tax returns. He took the time to answer all of our questions whether through email or on a phone call as it wasn't a straightforward return. Would recommend Madan Chartered Accountants!

by Kate O. on Madan CA

I am very happy with my experience working with Madan Chartered Accountant! Rohan Badkar was thorough and professional while helping me with a complicated and uncommon cross-border tax situation. I especially appreciated his patience and responsiveness during the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Thank you, Rohan!

by Mara H. on Madan CA

I used Madan CA for filing my taxes and worked with Bhavin Patel. He was very attentive and responded quickly to all my questions. Knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend!

by Harsh V. on Madan CA

Great work done by Rohan in my personal tax situation with cross border implications. Team has in depth knowledge of residency determination, US and Canadian Tax laws.

Rohan was prompt with his communication and accurate with his knowledge.

by Ankur S. on Madan CA

I worked with Ritika for filing my US and Canada taxes. Prompt and professional communication. Good knowledge of taxes. Very quick service. Attention to detail was better than other CPAs I have worked with but still could use improvement as I had to point to certain stock transactions that she missed in her initial calculations. Pricing was good too. I would come back and give them another try next year.

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Tariq Noor

11 months ago

Great experience working with Madan Chartered Accountants, dealing with Abrowanil Roy was a breeze. Roy was very detail oriented and helpful in guiding to the end of the taxation process, turnaround time was quick to my queries. My recommendations definitely!

Carimila V.

11 months ago

We had the pleasure of dealing with Nick Angelis, who helped to complete our Corporations’ taxes back-to-back this year. Nick was highly knowledgeable in our business area, accommodating to our timelines, and very easy to interact with. All questions were answered in a patient and straightforward manner. Overall, Madan CA and Team have been reliable go-to Accountants.

Zhao Y.

11 months ago

Have been using the services from this company for a few years. It has been reliable. Nick Angelis their senior accountant is very knowledgeable and has been particularly helpful.


11 months ago

I am a dual citizen (Canada / USA) and have worked with various Accountants over the years in both countries. I recently moved back to Canada and after speaking to a number of Accounts was pleased to find Allan Madan. After our meeting it was clear that he had the knowledge, expertise and experience in cross border taxation which was one of the areas I required. Rohan was the Accountant that worked with me directly and was always available to answer any questions I had. He took the time and understood my particular situation. I was also pleased knowing Rohan was supported by a Team of Accounts. The firm provides complete tax and business services as well as free webinars which I have found beneficial. I highly recommend Madan Accounting.

Riz D.

11 months ago

We have been working with Madan for over 7 years and very happy with the level of knowledge and service from Allan’s company. We are especially happy working with Imran Zafar who’s experience, service and knowledge is second to none. We wouldn’t use anyone else to do all our returns. We highly recommend the firm and Imran.

Mitch C.

11 months ago

Nick is well-versed and efficient in his tax planning and preparation. After some planning and preparation and a little organization of my books, Nick was able to maximize my tax savings for my corporation.

Olsi K.

11 months ago

I filed my corporate tax returns for the first time with "Madan Chartered Accountant" and I was working with Abid, as senior tax advisor at the firm. I'm pleased to say that the service was better than I expected. Abid was on top of the game with all the tax return details, prompt to replies and above all very patient. He was kind enough to not only to correct my oversight but even offer alternative solutions despite previously agreed corporate dates with corporate filing. Worth mentioning that the whole team seems flexible and adaptable to various accounting tools and technical solutions available online, be that bookkeeping, payment, record retention and communication.


11 months ago

As a dual citizen (Canadian / US) I have used the service of Accountants both in Canada and the US. After moving back to Canada I interviewed several Accountants that had expertise in cross boarding taxation. I met directly with Alan and pleased with his service and knowledge. I dealt directly with Rohan who provided personal attention and advice to my particular situation and was readily available to answer questions. I know he was also backed by a knowledgeable Team. I was pleased with their professional service and free webinars and would highly recommend.


12 months ago

I booked an appointment with Allan, he sent me message very quick! When I met him the day, whatever questions I sent him in ahead, he answered all during meeting and wrote it down so that I can go home and go through it. Amazing Accountant! Strong knowledge for Canadian who does business in USA also strong well knowledge for online seller !!! It’s impressive I have been looking Accountant who know business Canadian in USA He is the best Accountant so far I met I highly recommend who live in Canada have online business in US! His knowledge and how handle is super professional

Belina D.

1 year ago

I had a great experience working with Madan Chartered Accountants. Sarah & Bhavin were especially helpful in helping me sort out my personal tax issues. Sarah was kind, quick to respond to my questions and had a lot of knowledge about how to best address my case. I would definitely recommend this firm and Sarah & Bhavin again.

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