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Madan CA
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by Karen Smith on Madan CA

I received a class action suit settlement from another country and the amount of tax I needed to pay in Canada was not entirely clear. Akhill handled the situation like a professional, and provided me with multiple options on how to proceed. I'll use the services of Madan and Akhill again without hesitation. They're very skilled in international taxation laws.

by Vinay Chaudhry on Madan CA
Your Location: Mississauga and New Delhi

I used the services of Madan Chartered Accountants after relocating to Canada from India. I found the team to be very professional and knowledgeable about international taxation and structuring. They are readily accessible for any feedback and very transparent in the pricing. Thanks Allan, Abid, Marian, Bijoy & others for ensuring a smooth transition of my business.

by Karim on Madan CA
Canadian Expat in Berlin
Your Location: Berlin, Germany

I had the pleasure of working with Akhil Jha and Ritika Shrivastava on a cross-border tax issue, which they helped to resolve. Akhil completed all my international tax paperwork in a very timely and professional manner. Both Akhil and Ritika were highly responsive to my questions and they guided me through the process of submitting my tax paperwork and obtaining the tax transcripts that I needed. I would gladly work with them again.

by NPD Products on Madan CA
Your Location: Midhurst

As our company grows, so does the need for expert accounting. Working with Nick Angelis provides us the answers needed on complex issues quickly. USA or Canada, definitely the right person and firm to be working with.

by abeer A on Madan CA

I have been using Madan Chartered Accountant for the past 4 years. they are very reliable. their senior accountant Nick Angelis is a pleasure to deal with. he takes the time to not only complete your taxes, but to also plan it for next year.

I recommend Madan for your personal and business taxes.

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Isaac Y.

7 months ago

Allan and Rohan helped me with my tax filing for the last two years and they have been very professional and knowledgeable. My wife and I moved from Canada to the US and I ended up being both a Canadian and US employee. They had answers to all of my questions around this topic and I would recommend anyone who's going through a move like this to reach out to them.


7 months ago

I posted a question on Saturday and got reply within 1-2 hours from Allan which is totally out of expectation. The response was pretty concise while comprehensive. Thanks Allan.

Pete K.

7 months ago

Very knowledgeable tax accountants. We have trusted them for our cross-border tax preparation for a few years now. Very thorough and responsive. Highly recommend.

Zoltan and Aranka Keszli

7 months ago

Allan is very Professional, so are his team of Accountants. We met Allen once personally asking him to help with our taxes, since we moved to Europe. The past couple of years we have been filing our Taxes with him. He is very knowledgeable and keeps his knowledge up to date. His team members Anna and Lamiaa were very helpful and we really appreciate their help. We trust Allen and his team and we are looking forward to work with them again the following years.

Mehma C.

8 months ago

Highly knowledgeable and Professional team of accountants. Allan and his team including Abrowanil, Ritika, Mahfuz, Abid, Laamia and Althea made our corporate tax filling experience very easy and efficient. I would recommend this team of accountants to anyone that needs Corporate tax filling assistance along with US tax filling advise.

Nad D

8 months ago

Very knowledgeable in their field specially when it comes to cross border taxes. I had a half an hour consultation with Allan earlier in 2018 to discuss our new situation at the time (working and living between Canada and US) and he had answers to all questions immediately. We felt that we can trust him and his firm to take care of our taxes both in Us and Canada and we are looking to work them on investment and financial planning when the tax season is over. We dealt with Ritika, and Allan and both were professional.

Tsung-Ting C.

8 months ago

Allan is very knowledgable in real estate and small business accounting. What impressed me most is that during our half hour paid consultation with Allan, he took detailed notes on everything that was discussed and sent it to me afterwards. This alleviates a problem where my partner and I have a discussion with other accountants and each of us end up with a different interpretations of the answer! Allan's notes helped clarify our situation and put us on the same page on what should be done so my partner and I can come to the same conclusions on how to proceed forward.


9 months ago

You don't get this many rave reviews without being courteous, prompt, and professional. Allan Madan CPA, and his team members Abid, Rick and Sarah have been nothing but exceptional! As a fairly new client, my personal and corporate tax filings are handled thoroughly and are expedient. If you're a young professional or business owner, you will appreciate the expertise and services of Allan Madan and his team!


9 months ago

Since 2017 I have been filing my corporate tax with Abid Manzoor at Madan CA. He has been doing an excellent job. Abid is flexible, proficient and very professional.

John O.

9 months ago

They offered an initial phone consult to answer my questions and to outline fees. Allan called at the scheduled time and provided clear information about their experience of situations similar to mine and some pertinent details.

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