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Hi Allan,

I moved to the US in 2011/2012 but travelled back and forth frequently. My last CRA income tax was filed for 2012 (I just checked and I did not indicate my move to the US in this return.)

1. Do I amend my return with my move in 2012?
a. what are the tax implications?
b. Do I have to retroactively file returns for 2013-2018?
2. I’m not sure of what type of resident I am considered and need help determining same (i.e “deemed non-resident of Canada?)
3. Do I owe CRA Departure Tax?

My only Canadian assets are:
Owner of 50% of residential home in BC (Parents currently live there and do not pay rent)
Mortgage for the home mentioned.
1 Checking account, 1 credit card
Life insurance policy
RRSPs (not contributed since 2013)
no Canadian income

Also, what are the tax implications if I transfer my 50% of my home to my mother? OR what are the tax implications, if my sister and I add my mom to the title (without removing me)?

Thank you in advance.