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How do I save tax in Canada? This is the million dollar question that everyone wants an answer to.

Fortunately, as an Accountant in Oakville and Tax Expert in Oakville, I know of many ways to save tax in Canada, which are described in detail below.
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How can I income split in Canada?
Income splitting simply means subdividing your income amongst your family members in order to save taxes. It’s an easy concept to understand but is practically difficult to implement.

As an Accountant Mississauga, I have provided easy-to-follow examples below, which you can use to achieve Income Splitting in Canada.

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How do I save taxes in Canada? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before, especially when it’s time to file your Canadian income tax return.

As a Tax Accountant in Mississauga & Toronto, I can reduce the amount of income tax that you pay by utilizing tax planning strategies. A sample of these tax planning strategies are discussed below: Read more

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What should you know about tax when it comes to investing in real estate?

As an Accountant in Mississauga and avid real estate investor, I have disclosed the tax secrets to real estate investing, below. By using these tax secrets, you’ll certainly save a ton in tax.
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What are the benefits of incorporating in Canada?
As a Chartered Accountant and Tax Expert in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, I am aware of many benefits of incorporating your business, which are discussed in detail below.

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If you’re an independent contractor, you should be aware of the types of expenses that are tax deductible, so that you can save a bundle come tax time.

As an Accountant in Mississauga, Canada for independent contractors, I elaborate on the many tax deductible expenses that independent contractors can write off, including: Read more

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