Tax Audits

Is the Canada Revenue Agency Auditing You? Don’t Be Afraid

If you are being audited or want to minimize your audit risk by the CRA, we can help.

Our Service

As part of our tax planning services, our tax audit service is designed to minimize your overall tax audit risk.

Minimize your tax obligation and audit risk by consulting with our experienced accountants. They have the skills and knowledge to provide you with strategic tax planning that complies with the latest laws and regulation. Our services also extend to representing on your behalf in the case of any audits by the CRA, we will provide full cooperation, compliance and disclosure to ensure that your case is properly assessed.

Key Elements of our Tax Audit Services

  • We act as a liaison
  • Be your bodyguard, to protect you from aggressive auditors
  • Challenge CRA tax assessments
  • Minimize penalties, interest and taxes



Client Testimonial:

Excellent service! I found out about this firm through the search engine. I had a few tax-related questions and called to speak with Allan Madan. The operator immediately put me in touch with him. He was very helpful and patiently answered all my questions. Very nice firm! - Rick A

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