Financial Forecasts

Understand the present so that you can better prepare for the future

Understanding how your company is performing and how it can further grow is essential to any business owner. Our services will provide you with all the information you need so that you can accurately assess the performance of your business and take any necessary action.

Our Service

Our financial forecasting services is aimed at understanding the financial performance of your business so that we can project future performance and provide you with the right strategies to ensure future growth. Our methodology encompasses compiling and analyzing both your past and current financial data so that we can accurately project future trends. Based on our analysis, we will advise you on the proper course of action for optimal growth and make any changes to your corporate structure to minimize tax implications.

Key Elements of our Financial Forecasting Services

  • Accurate compilation of financial performance reports and metrics
  • Interim meetings to discuss your actual, forecasted results
  • Advise on actions to take in response to forecasted results
  • Advise on modification of corporate structure to ensure tax efficiency



Client Testimonial:

I had a chat with Allan Madan today regarding the structure of my income property business in the US. His knowledge and openness was tremendous. His recommendations in the very short time we talked will be very valuable to my business. I appreciate his advice and I look forward to working with Allan again soon. - Dan Graveson

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Comments 8

  1. Hi, I am in the proposal stage of my new business and my potential investors want a financial forecast prepared by a CA. What kind of service can you offer?

  2. Hi Deisuke,

    As a CPA, CA, we cannot provide any form of assurance on events that have not happened (ie. future). As such, we will not be able to provide you with a audit or review report on the forecast. However, we can compile the forecast based on the assumptions you provide us. We can then use our experience and expertise to assess the reasonability of the forecast.

  3. I am preparing a financial forecast but I am not confident if this is reflective of the future. What steps can I take to make sure I am wasting my time and money in preparing the forecast?

  4. It is generally a good practice to prepare 3 forecasts under each scenario: best case, worst case, and base case. By preparing the forecasts under each of these scenarios, you can at least understand what your worst case could be and how your business would perform in best case.

  5. Hi

    I need to prepare a financial forecast as part of my divorce settlement. Is this something that you can provide?

  6. Hi Ngozi,

    Yes, our firm has experience in providing financial forecast for various purposes including your circumstances.

  7. Hi,

    My accountant is asking for a forecast to determine the valuation of my business. How scary is the CRA if I do the forecast myself and make a mistake?

  8. Hi Mateja,

    If you are producing a valuation for reorganization purpose, the CRA’s ruling is that as long as you make a reasonable effort, your valuation will be fine. However, you should definitely include a price adjustment clause in your agreement to safeguard yourself in case that the CRA make take a different position.


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