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Build your real estate empire and let us worry about your taxes

Real estate investment can be an exciting endeavour, but it is important to plan ahead so that you can minimize your tax bill and prevent any unnecessary financial implications. Our firm can assist you with developing the right tax minimization structures for you to purchase and maintain your properties.

Our Services

Real estate can be a very lucrative business undertaking, but can also be a tax nightmare if you do not plan ahead. Our real estate tax services are aimed at creating the right investment tax structure for our clients so that they can maximize profits. In addition, our services include a number of extended services including the performance of due diligence so that you know you are acquiring a potentially profitable asset. Our structuring plan also encompasses a strategy on minimizing both real estate tax and capital gains. Lastly, we provide you with the tools to protect your profits through the use of an income splitting strategy.

Key Elements

  • Creation of tax efficient structures for real estate investing
  • Provide advice on how to protect assets and reduce risk
  • Minimize estate taxes for real estate investors
  • Give the tools needed to split both income and capital gain taxes with family
  • Perform due diligence on property acquisitions



Client Testimonial:

Allan was very professional and helpful in explaining the accounting process for a first time landlord such as myself. Would recommend him to any other prospective landlords - Mike Walchuk

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Comments 7

  1. In a limited partnership, the limited partner is a silent partner and doesn’t actively participate in management and decisions.
    In a limited liability partnership, each partner can actively manage but they are not liable for any negligence committed by the other partner.

  2. Can individual corporation or CCPC become a shareholder of the Limited Liability partnership (LLP)or Limited partnership(LP) ?

  3. Thank you for your answers , What does stand for ” US LLP or a US LP”
    What about Candian LLP or a Canadian LP?

  4. Thank you for your answer , What does stand for “US LLP or a US LP”

    What about Canadian LLP or a Canadian LP?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Karan,
      LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. LP stands for Limited Partnership. Canadians investing in the US should use a US LP to avoid double taxation and to limit liability.


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