Incorporation Checklist

In order for us to help you in the incorporation of your company, kindly complete this form to the best of your knowledge and return it to us.

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General InformationYes/No/NAProvide/Instructions
a) Would you like a corporation name (E.g. Jessie Consulting Inc.) or a numbered corporation? (E.g. 1234567 Ontario Inc.)
b) If you would like a named corporation can you please provide 3 potential names, given in sequence of preference
c) Who would you like as the director(s) of the corporation? Provide their name(s) and address.
d) Provide the names of each shareholder of the corporation along with their address.
e) For each shareholder, specify their percentage ownership in the corporation (e.g. 50%).
f) Provide the address of the head office of the corporation. If the mailing address is different, please specify.
g) What would you like your corporation's year end to be (e.g. July 31)?
h) What is the name of the Financial Institution that your corporation has a bank account with (e.g. RBC, TD, etc.)?

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