Roopa (anonymous)


I am trying to file my USA tax return for year 2018.I got married in 2018.So I am trying to file taxes as ‘Married,filing jointly’.I worked in the usa with H1-B.But my husband never lived or worked in the USA,although he’s working in Canada.
1) Now,can I even file my taxes as ‘Married,filing jointly’ because this option shows me more return or do I just have only one option of choosing file as ‘married,file separately’?
2) Also,If I can choose to file as ‘Married,filing jointly’,should we file my husband’s Canadian income aswell?
3) In case if only or have to file as ‘married,file separately’option,Can I just mail my tax return to IRS without his ITIN ?
4) Can I e-file as Single although I am married?