Uma (anonymous)

Hi Allan,

Your blog is just fantastic. I read most of the previous Q&A but I still have few more questions.

We are Canadian citizens and moved to the US in Sept 2016 and sold our house before moving. We have filed Canadian taxes for both 2016 and 2017 since I got some money from my previous employer last year. We don’t have any primary ties but have a bunch of secondary ties like bank accounts, credit cards, GICs, trading accounts, RRSPs and TFSA.

Now, we’re thinking to stay here 3 more years and so want to declare non-residency. We would like to keep our RRSPs and TFSA trading account(current value of less than $25,000). We’re not sure what to do with GICs and other trading accounts. Can we keep them for now, since we don’t need them for another 2-3 years? What are the obligations of keeping them and selling them later from outside? How do the tax rules work? What is the best way in my situation?
Please let me know…thank you in advance…