Personal Tax Return (T1) Checklist

To help you assemble your financial information for the preparation of your personal income tax return, please keep this checklist handy. The checklist should be completed and returned to us together with the financial information assembled.

General InformationYes/No/NAProvide Details
a. Provide address or change in address Provide complete mailing address:
b. Dependant children Provide full details: names, birthdays, social security number, details of income (if any)
if over 21 and at University, details:
c. Marital status changed Date and details. (Note that you are considered married if living common law.)
d. Spouse If I am not preparing a tax return for your spouse, provide full details of spouse's income for the year, SSN, etc.
e. Provide a copy of the Notice of Assessment for your previous year's tax return (including Notices of Reassessment, if any).
f. Provide a copy of the statement showing instalments made for the current taxation year, if any.
g. Provide a copy of last year's T1 tax return. (Only if I did not prepare your return last year.)
h. Do you want your tax refund deposited directly to your bank account? Please complete form T1-DD(1): Direct Deposit Form
i. Birth Date
Employment & Other IncomeYes/No/NAProvide Details
a. Regular earnings All T4's. Enter name of each employer:
b. Commission and other earnings All T4A's. Enter name of each employer:
c. Director's fees All T4's. Enter name of employer or provide details:
d. Profit sharing income T4PS slip
e. Loans from employer Full details
Pension, Retirement, Annuity Income Yes/No/NAProvide/Instructions
a. Old Age Security T4A(OAS) slip
b. Canada Pension All T4A's
c. Registered Retirement Income Fund T4RIF
d. Withdrawal from a R.R.S.P. T4RSP slips. Enter name of financial institution and date of withdrawal.
e. Pooled Registered Pension Plan (PRPP) New savings plan for more info see

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