T4/T5 Information Return Checklist

To help you assemble your financial information for the preparation of your T4/T5 Information Return, please keep this checklist handy. The checklist should be completed and returned to us together with the financial information assembled.

Corporation InformationProvide Details
a. Business Number
b. Name of Corporation
c. Corporation Address Please Provide Full Mailing Address
d. Work Phone Number
e. Email
f. Type of Corporation (Corporation, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship)
Recipient #1: Contact InformationProvide Details
a. Your Name
b. Social Insurance Number
c. Phone Home Phone
Cell Phone
d. Complete Mailing Address
e. Total Amount of eligible dividends received from corporation $
f. Total Amount of non-eligible dividends received from corporation $
g. Total Interest from Canadian Sources received (if applicable) $
h. Total Capital Gains dividends received (if applicable) $
j. Total Salary Received from corporation (please provide .csv spreadsheet showing salary, payroll, deductions, and payments made to CRA) $

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