What Tax-Free Benefits Can I Get from My Workplace?

Allan Madan, CA
 Aug 26, 2014

What tax-free benefits can I get from my workplace? Employees can receive benefits from their workplace and employers that are completely tax-free. Some common benefits include a loan from an employer to buy a home, medical and dental benefits, non-cash gifts, as well as education and training related costs.


So you want to know what tax-free benefits can I get from my workplace? as an employee you do not have to pay taxes on certain benefits that you receive from your employer. The most common tax-free benefits are:

1. An employer loan to buy a home,
2. Medical and dental benefits
3. Non-cash gifts from your employer
4. Education and training related costs

So here’s the tip, instead of asking your boss for a raise, ask to receive more tax-free benefits from your employer. This way you will end up with more cash after tax in your pocket.  For more answers to your questions, make sure to check out our Canadian tax forum.


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