Tax on Related Party Transactions

If you own multiple corporations by yourself or with family members, then this article is for you.  In this article, I will explain the tax treatment of transactions between related corporations.

What You Should Know About Transfer Pricing

Does your company do business with related foreign companies?  If the answer is yes, this article is for you.  I will briefly describe the Canadian transfer pricing issues that you need be aware of.

Tax Implications of Crowdfunding

Today we are talking about crowdfunding and it’s tax implications. So if you’ve ever thought about using this new method of raising capital to startup your new business, or to develop a market for a new product

Electronic Gadgets Your Business Should Be Deducting

Many small business owners do not realize that a large majority of electronic gadgets and equipments that they use in the operation and functionality of their business are taxable.

Why Does Your Corporation Need a Minute Book?

Do you own a corporation? Why does your corporation need a minute book? Proving your corporation is legitimate relies heavily on your Minute Book. Learn what a Minute Book is, and how it can help your corporation.

Why You Should Use Your Personal Vehicle for Business Use

Has your company offered to pay for your vehicle expenses as a taxable benefit? If yes, it is time to reconsider your answer! Avoid paying taxes and deduct a portion of your car costs simply by using your personal car for businesses purposes.

Are Website Costs Tax Deductible?

E commerce has taken the business world by storm. It is evident that creating a website is an ingredient to building a successful business. Learn how building your small business website can reduce your taxes.

Are Meal Allowances Tax Deductible On Business Travels

Are you an employer who is wondering if meal allowances are tax-deductible? Better yet, are you an employee who is required to travel for work? Is your meal allowance tax-free? Learn the benefits and regulations towards food and meal taxes while traveling. Take a bite out of this week’s Tax Tip.

5 Tax Scams That Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Every small business owner should beware of the tax frauds that are preying on their business. Tax scams are the demise of many small businesses and can lead to criminal investigations on tax evasion, identity theft, and much more. Find out the 5 tax scams that every small business owner should know.

How Corporations are Taxed on Dividends Received

In this blog, I will explain how corporations are taxed on dividends received.

Is it Better to Receive Management Fees or Salary from Your Corporation?

Are you an incorporated business owner? Have you wondered about paying yourself management fees or a salary? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you! I will discuss the pros and cons of management fees and salary.

How to Deduct Meals and Entertainment for Clients from Business Income?

Did you know that you can deduct meals and entertainment for clients from your business income? Find out the activities you can deduct to help save you money.

How Do I Give Money to my Startup Business?

When you have a new business venture it can be difficult generating cash and capital. Luckily for you, there are a few options. The first option is through a shareholder loan, these loans can be repaid to you tax-free. The second option is generating capital by issuing shares.

What are the tax benefits of a holding company?

Are you wondering what are the tax benefits of a holding company? Setting up a holding company can provide you with some benefits. The first is that it provides creditor proof. The second benefit is that the holding company can be used for income splitting purposes thus reducing your overall tax liability.

Tax Benefits of Life Insurance for Business Owners

There are many benefits that a corporation can gain from getting life insurance. It provides lump sum cash for the family members of the deceased. Another benefit is that it can also be used to protect profits from investments from tax.

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