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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a registered agent? Do I need one?
Under state law, every company is required to have a registered agent located in the state of incorporation and in all states where the company is qualified to transact business. The role of the registered agent is to receive legal papers (called service of process) and government notices on behalf of the company during regular business hours.

2. Do you provide mailing forwarding services?
Corporate Creations will set up customized forwarding for receiving your general business correspondence. They’ll collect your mail for you and send it on a timeline that best meets your business requirements. Typical options include weekly, biweekly or monthly mail forwarding. A FedEx or DHL account number will need to be provided to us in order for them to forward any mail to you.

Mail forwarding is often used by international entities that conduct business in the United States, but are not physically located the U.S. Mail forwarding enables these entities to establish a U.S. mailing address for business purposes. A small-business owner who operates a business out of their home may also want to take advantage of our forwarding services. This way, they can avoid using a personal home address as the business address.

3. Do my companies need an EIN?
Corporate Creations do not provide legal advice and cannot advise whether you need an EIN. If you do need one, they will gladly assist you in obtaining one.

4. What do I need to open up a bank account for my companies?
Please consult with your specific financial institution on what their requirements are to open a bank account.

5. What are the steps involved in setting up a Limited Partnership? LLC? C-corporation?

Setting up a Limited Partnership, LLC and C-Corporation is very simple. You must fill out the applicable order form and send it to Corporate Creations. You can access these forms in our Tax Toolbox under the U.S. Tax section (

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