Whole Life Harmony – The New Work-Life Balance

Whole Life Harmony – The New Work-Life Balance


As we all seek out new and better norms, having experienced a global pandemic, one thing for sure is that the journey to get to where you want to go ought to feel as satisfying as possible. Consider becoming aware of and striving for whole life harmony – for when you are in harmony within yourself, you are in harmony with life surrounding you.

What is “whole life harmony”?

Harmony is defined as “a pleasing arrangement of parts” (dictionary.com). Think of a musical orchestra: The sound and experience is about the quality contribution of each instrument, not its quantity. On a human level, it’s a pleasing, quality arrangement of the individual showing up to the eight facets, or chords, of life. They are career, family and friends, marriage, health and self-care, fun and play, physical surroundings and personal development.

Harmony is unique to the individual. It’s what each one of us defines as important, what feels right. It’s our values-based DNA. Honouring your values is a process of alignment, and it’s this alignment that creates a steady, grounded, energized, fulfilled individual.

Why is whole life harmony important?

Whole life harmony creates an optimal experience across the board. Humans are holistic beings. How we feel in one dimension of life influences another. Take this simple example: When we are content in our personal life, we can achieve greater focus and productivity at work; and vice-versa, when our work is in a good place, we are more able to be present in our personal lives.

Why is it important for professional leaders?

Professional leaders have great responsibility given the depth and demands of their role. Since harmonizing is like tuning the chords – all eight facets, not exclusively your career – it paves the way for a pleasing performance, both professionally and personally.

Typical leaders are visionaries; the ones who stand in front to promote the vision / mission and empower the journey forward. They are tasked with connecting others to the vision. When leaders show up in a state of alignment – clarified, intentional and keys in tune – it is likely that their presence and communication will be of positive influence.

An admirable and essential skill for a leader to honour is listening. When life is in harmony, with reduced clutter and noise, the leader can hone in on their listening skills, listening to what’s being said or what’s not being said. They can then offer soft support in the form of compassion or empathy – or action-oriented support in the form of empowerment and innovation.

Whole life harmony also helps in creating a positive essence and respectful reputation for the leader. Leaders become worthy of following, the mission is more likely to be achieved, and the experience is one for all to enjoy.

How to get whole life harmony

Given that harmony within is medicine for the mind, body and spirit, it minimizes the stress or discord, and a weight is lifted off. Try the following practices for achieving whole life harmony, or for when you have fallen out of harmony.

  1. Conduct a self-assessment. Do a scan of all eight of your life facets, and determine what’s off. Complement your scan with inquiries like, “What’s important to me?”, “What do I want to feel?”, “What needs attention?” or “What can I do to make it better?”
  2. Prioritize what’s important. The bottom line is, strive for quality, not quantity. As motivational speaker Michael Altshuler put it, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
  3. Look at the goods. Of the eight facets, what good elements does each one bring you? What are you grateful for or proud of? Giving yourself appreciation and acknowledgment creates space to leverage the goods. And the added bonus? This is known to attract more of the good.
  4. Set better boundaries. Boundaries are essential so as not sabotage you, your fine work or your quality time doing what matters. When your boundary lines are crossed, resentment seeps in and creates pitfalls that do not lead you to an inspiring place – there’s much more peace to enjoy when honouring you and your boundaries.
  5. Rejuvenate. Take time to fill up your own cup; you cannot serve from an empty one. Self-preservation, or self-care, is essential for rejuvenation, and it is your own distinct recipe. It could include a combination of time away from others, quality connection with others, exercise, good food, writing, music, outdoors, play, or wellness rituals.
  6. Consider investing in coaching and personal development. This is an act to have a third-party professional, listen for and fan the flame toward what’s important to you, so you can feel greater harmony on the inside and out.

Remember, harmony will ebb and flow rhythmically as you do, but making yourself conscious of it, being intentional and using some of these tips will help create a more manageable flow. Find your rhythm, protect it, and play the accompaniment as loud or soft as needed to achieve the tune that feels just right for you.



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