Transferring Business to Family Member in Canada

As a baby-boomer coming close to retirement, you may consider transferring your business to a loved one in the future. Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

Tax Strategies for Physicians in Canada

Are you a physician or medical doctor who ncludings tired of getting beat down by the taxman? In this article, we will share 4 unique tax saving strategies for medical doctors in Canada.

Top Tax Saving Strategies for Small Businesses Webinar

If you missed our Webinar for Top Tax Saving Strategies for small businesses, you can watch it here!

How the 2016 Budget Could Affect CCPCs in Canada

Canadian-Controlled Private Companies (CCPCs) currently enjoy a low business federal tax rate of 10.5% for profits below $500,000. Profits that exceed $500,000 are taxed at a higher federal rate of 15%. Provincial tax rates are extra. Previously, the Conservative Government planned to reduce the low federal tax rate (10.5%) to 9% over four years. However, … Continue reading How the 2016 Budget Could Affect CCPCs in Canada

How can I get tax free benefits from my corporation?

Do you own a small corporation in Canada? Did you know that you could receive tax-free benefits from your corporation? In this video, I will highlight 3 types of tax benefits that you can get – A company car, medical expenses, and pension.


TAXATION Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money; however, be careful of the tax implications. One of the latest means of raising money to start a new business, raise operating funds, or tackle costly research and development projects is to make a broad-based appeal for funds with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is not new; it was … Continue reading Crowdfunding

The Rise of Transfer Pricing Disputes

The Rise of Transfer Pricing Disputes Many multinational companies are using techniques to either avoid or lower their taxes by taking advantage of the fact they have a parent company or subsidiaries in other countries. The CRA, IRS, and other tax authorities are auditing taxpayers with greater scrutiny in regards to transfer pricing issues so … Continue reading The Rise of Transfer Pricing Disputes

Benefits of Incorporating Your Business Using Section 85

Are you self-employed? If yes, you may want to think about eventually turning your business into a corporation. There are financial benefits that can be gained by choosing to incorporate.

Should I Declare a Year-End Bonus or Pay Dividends from Company Profits to Myself?

With the end of the year approaching, business owners must make important decisions quickly to reduce their business taxes for the year, one of which is paying out bonuses. Read further to figure out what decision is best for you.

Why Canada Needs Corporate Tax Reform

Much of the political rhetoric surrounding the Liberal Party’s win in the Canadian Federal election was centred on this notion of ‘change’, a promise of progressive changes that Canada needs in order to escape from the shadows of its Conservative predecessor. While looming issues such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Trans Pacific … Continue reading Why Canada Needs Corporate Tax Reform

2015 Canadian Federal Election and Taxes

With the Canadian Federal Election coming up, it’s important to know where the three main parties stand in regards to both personal and corporate tax.

Reducing Tax with Corporate Life Insurance

Business owners looking to save tax, and protect their assets should read this.  In this article, I will briefly explain how a corporate life insurance policy can be used to reduce taxes and creditor proof assets.

How to Reduce Taxes on Earn-Outs in Canada

Earn-outs can be an effective way to earn additional money from the sale of your business based on its future financial performance.  This article will explain how earn-outs are taxed on the sale of a business in Canada.   Anyone who is planning to buy or sell a business should consider reading this.

How to Reduce Corporate Tax with Inter-Corporate Management Fees

Inter-corporate management fees can be an effective method to reduce overall corporate tax of a corporate group

Tax on Related Party Transactions

If you own multiple corporations by yourself or with family members, then this article is for you.  In this article, I will explain the tax treatment of transactions between related corporations.

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