Purchasing a Primary Residence with a Corporation in Canada

Are you a business owner that would like to purchase a new home with your corporate savings. If yes, read further to learn how.

How to Prepare a Rental Form

Français Find out how you can prepare a Statement of Real Estate Rental Form T776 as part of your personal tax filing. This is meant for investors that own rental properties in Canada and would like to file their tax returns independently.

Tax on Real Estate Sales in Canada

Français Ever wonder how to deal with tax on real estate sales in Canada? If you own a rental property or a real estate investment in Canada, and have sold or are thinking of selling, read this blog for helpful tax tips that can save you thousands.

Tax Implications for Canadians selling US property, real estate

As a Canadian, are you aware of the tax consequences of selling your US real estate properties? Most Canadian’s aren’t, even though they are buying US real estate more so than ever before. Read further to understand the tax implications of Canadians selling US properties. 15% Withholding tax As a Canadian or a non-resident of … Continue reading Tax Implications for Canadians selling US property, real estate

Tax Implications of Canadians Selling U.S. Property

Do you own or are thinking of owning a property in the United States? When the Canadian dollar was on par with the US dollar, many Canadians bought U.S property. But now as the Canadian dollar weakens, some people want to sell and lock in their gains. In this video, I will discuss the cross … Continue reading Tax Implications of Canadians Selling U.S. Property

Tax Implications on Real Estate Seminar by Allan Madan

Allan Madan presents, “Tax Implications of Real Estate” at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Tax Implications of Canadians Selling a Vacation Property in the US

Imagine, sipping a steaming cup of coffee while looking out onto your beachfront property. Imagine, the sun washing over your face in the dessert heat. Many Canadians did not have to as they flocked to buy vacation properties in the U.S when the Canadian Dollar was at an approximate par with the US dollar. However … Continue reading Tax Implications of Canadians Selling a Vacation Property in the US

Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Canada?

Are you looking to downsize but don’t know if you should rent a property or buy? When the time comes to downsizing from your home to an apartment or condo, it is difficult to decide whether renting or owning a property is the right strategic move for you. There are many financial and emotional factors … Continue reading Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Canada?

How to Write-Off Taxes from Your Home Renovation Expenses

Are you a senior or eligible for the disability tax credit? Are you looking to renovate your home to make it more accessible for you and your loved ones? Well, we have just the tax strategy for you!

How to Make Your Home Mortgage Tax Deductible in Canada

Want to know how to make your mortgage interest tax deductible?  Find out out how to write-off your mortgage interest expenses for tax saving purposes!

How to Save Money on a Primary Residence Changed into a Rental Property

When you start renting out your primary residence, it’s important to be aware of the various tax and interest implications. You can still deduct your mortgage and home equity line of credit interest. Continue reading to find out how.

GST/HST on Real Estate Development

Due to continuous demographic, technological, environmental, and social changes, Canada is undergoing constant urbanization. This process of urbanization helps Canada’s real estate market, which is currently attracting many real estate investors and developers. This article discusses the GST/HST rules that are applicable to a “builder” of real estate. Builders For GST/HST purposes, even though a … Continue reading GST/HST on Real Estate Development

How to Deduct Interest on Money Borrowed for Investment Properties

If you are a real estate investor and are thinking of borrowing money to make your next purchase, continue reading this blog.  Learn how you can save taxes by claiming tax-deductible interest!

Claiming Basement Renovation Costs

Are you planning on renovating your basement for rental purposes? If so, then start your drills and put on your hard hat because this week’s tax tip is all about claiming basement renovation costs!

How to Defer Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Sales

If you have a capital gain on the sale of real estate but have not received the entire payment, you can actually defer paying tax on that capital gain by using the capital gains reserve mechanism.

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