Share Transfer Agreement & Resolution

This includes share transfer agreement & director’s resolution for sale/transfer of shares.

Section 85 Rollover (BC)

This training material is for a Section 85 Rollover in the province of BC involving the transfer of shares from an individual or corporation resident in BC to a corporation resident in BC.

Ontario Share Redemption Resolutions

See the following forms for an Ontario corporation where there is a share redemption.

Resolution for Issuance of Shares

This is a sample of a Director’s resolution for the issuance of shares in the capital stock of a corporation. When a new company is incorporated, this resolution should be signed by the director(s).

Capital Dividend Election

This training material provides an example of a capital dividend election. These documents must be prepared and approved by the CRA before the payment of a capital dividend. The director’s resolution should be notarized by a Notary Public and have the director’s original signature (ink). The CDA verification request must be dated before the payable … Continue reading Capital Dividend Election

Articles of Incorporation – Template

Please use this template for articles of incorporation for Ontario and Federal purposes.

Share Certificates (Common, Preference & Special)

Use these fillable templates to prepare a Common, Preference or Special Share Certificate.

Section 85 Rollover

This training material covers a practical example of a transfer of assets from a sole proprietor to a corporation involving Section 85 of the Income Tax Act.

Section 86 Rollover

This training material covers Section 86 of the Income Tax Act. Section 86 is used in corporate reorganizations where shareholders exchange their shares in a company for new shares from that company. In this you will find: a) Case Study and b) Presentation Slides.

BC Incorporation Setup

This training material will help you form a corporation in the province of British Columbia.

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