Example Letter of Canadian Payroll for Former Canadian Resident

This training material provides an example letter of Canadian payroll for a former Canadian resident.

Certificate of Compliance

This training material provides two general examples of what is needed for a Certificate of Compliance. Sample 1 illustrates an example for a rental property, which includes T2062 and T2062-A. Sample 2 is for principle residence and includes T2062 and T2091.

8288-B Withholding Certificate

These training materials review how to prepare form 8288-B, Application for a Withholding Certificate. When a non-resident alien sells a US property, the title company is supposed to hold back 15% of the sales proceeds. To reduce the withholding tax, form 8288-B should be filed with the IRS.

Sample TFSA Letter (Contribution While Non-Resident)

A non-resident taxpayer that makes a contribution to a TFSA (tax free savings account) while he/she is a non-resident is subject to a penalty of 1% per month of the contribution made. This sample letter should be sent to the CRA to request them to reduce the penalties levied.

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