Taxation of UN Pensions for Canadian Residents

This document explains the taxation of US Pensions for Canadian Residents.

Joint Venture Agreement for Rental Properties

The JV agreement will be used for the purpose of purchasing and/or maintaining a rental revenue property in, taking into consideration the following facts:

Deemed capital gain & Providing security for deferred departure tax

This training is to provide the procedures for individual for filing departure tax return and deferring the payment of tax on income relating to the deemed disposition of properties. It also provides an explanation of the possible securities that CRA may accept.

45(3) Election Letter for Trust

Use this letter when the trust needs to claim a Principal Residence Exemption using a 45(3) election.

Sample Subsection 50(1) Election Letter

Use this template to prepare an election pursuant to subsection 50(1) of the Income Tax Act. This allows a taxpayer to claim a capital loss on debt that has become bad.

Personal Tax Training

These documents provide 3 day personal tax training that covers the most common case for Canadian personal tax and non-resident personal tax return (including departure return emigrant and entry return for immigrant).

Clearance Certificate Application Procedure

This training material covers the procedures involved in obtaining a Clearance Certificate in respect of a deceased person’s assets. A Clearance Certificate must be obtained prior to disbursing assets of the deceased to his/her family members.

Family Trust Resolutions

This training material provides two resolutions for a Family Trust. Resolutions of trustees can be used to allocate income to beneficiaries.

45(2) Election Change in Use

Use this template to prepare a Subsection 45(2) election. When a taxpayer changes the use of his property from a principal residence to a rental property, there is a deemed disposition at that time. However, so long as the taxpayer did not claim CCA in respect of the property and is a resident of Canada, … Continue reading 45(2) Election Change in Use

Family Trust

The slides contained in this document cover the the Canadian tax issues with respect to Family Trusts and how they can be used by Canadian business owners and regular Canadians to save tax.

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