Canadian & US Tax Compliance Fee

This is an outline of the Tax Compliance Fees for U.S. & Canadian Entry / Exit returns. Please use to determine fees.

Form 8233, Exemption From Withholding on Compensation Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual

This is a sample of a Withholding Tax Waiver form for Canadian Individual Independent Contractors being paid by US clients. It has to be filed with the IRS. An ITIN needs to be specified on the form, before being approved by the IRS.

Instructions to File Form 8288, 8288-A & ITIN Application

This guide provides step by step instructions on how to prepare forms 8288, 8288-A and W7 in respect of a non-resident of the U.S. selling a property in the U.S..

Instruction for Federal Tax Payment

This training document is to provide the Instructions for Federal Tax Payment owing to the IRS. See the instructions below for making payment.

Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner US Tax

Use this form to claim a reduction in withholding tax (0%) on payments made by US customers to a Canadian sole proprietor.

EIN & ITIN Application Process

This training material provides the steps involved when applying for a U.S. EIN for a Canadian corporation and a U.S. ITIN for a Canadian individual. See the ITIN Letter below for clients that have a property manager of a US rental property.  This letter should be signed by the property manager and submitted with the ITIN … Continue reading EIN & ITIN Application Process

Streamline Offshore Procedure

This training material provides two samples of a Streamline Offshore, along with a procedure diagram. If the individual lived outside of the U.S. for at least 330 days (in each of the 3 years), then follow the Foreign Offshore procedure. If they did not, then follow the Domestic Offshore procedure.

8833 Treaty Statements

This training material gives real examples of treaty statements (pursuant to the Canada U.S. Tax Treaty) that an individual can use when filing a U.S. tax return. Form 8833 should be attached to the individual’s us tax filing.

1040 Case for John Doe (Employment Income, Foreign Wages & Rental Income)

This case is for the preparation of a 1040 return for John Doe who is a U.S. resident and non-resident of Canada. He has foreign wages from Canada, a W2, rental income, and other income. Please prepare a 1040 return and a Non-Resident Canadian return (T4 income).

1040-NR (U.S. Non Resident Alien) Training

This material covers topics specific to non-resident aliens of the US, and the basics of preparing a 1040-NR return.

Filing Status, Standard Deduction & Itemized Deduction

This training material reviews the different filing status available when preparing a 1040 return, and the difference between the standard deduction and itemized deductions.

Commonly Seen Credits & Deductions

This training material will cover common credits and deductions seen on a 1040 return.

Penalty Abatement Letter for TFSA

This is an example of an abatement letter requesting the IRS to waive the penalties for failure to file forms 3520 and 3520A for TFSA on time.

1040-NR Training for Employment Income

This case study involves the preparation of a U.S. 1040-NR (non-resident return) for a Canadian who is on a work assignment in the U.S..

Capital Gains & Loss and Immigration/Emigration

This training material covers the sourcing rules for capital gains between Canada and the U.S., and provides an overview of capital gains issues that arise when immigrating to Canada or emigrating from Canada.

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