Tax Implications for Canadians Travelling to the U.S.

Are you a Canadian snowbird? Make sure you understand the tax implications for Canadians traveling to the U.S.

How to Withdraw a IRA and 401K for Returning Canadians

Are a returning Canadian with an IRA and 401K? The tax man could be around the corner. Learn the best ways for withdrawing your IRA and 401K.

How to Avoid Paying U.S. Estate Taxes Using a Two Tier Partnership

US estate taxes can bring heavy and unwanted charges that can affect the money you have earned. Setting up a two tier partnership can save you millions.

Filing Back Tax Returns for U.S. Citizens Living in Canada

This short article is called ‘Filing Back Tax Returns for US Citizens Living in Canada’ and it can help simplify the process of catching up with back taxes for Americans living in Canada. Before we start, I’ll tell you why it’s so important for you to become tax compliant with the IRS.

How Canadians Should Own U.S. Real Estate

This article is called “How Canadians Should Own US Real Estate” and going through it is bound to help if you are looking for information surrounding US real estate financing for Canadians. This post will take you through four different methods, or structures, that you can use to purchase rental properties in the US, so, … Continue reading How Canadians Should Own U.S. Real Estate

Taxes for U.S. Expatriates in Canada

This article about taxes for US expatriates is aimed at helping anyone looking for information regarding tax consequences for Americans working overseas.

What are the Canadian Taxes for Expatriates?

This article surrounding tax breaks for US expatriates is about foreign earned income exclusion, and if you are a US expat or are planning on moving abroad this will definitely help.

Taxes for US Citizens Living In Canada

Before we go ahead with the rest of the article, here’s a little introduction. My name in Allan Madan. I’m a chartered accountant and tax expert in the Oakville, Toronto and Mississauga regions of Ontario, Canada. This article is about US Citizens Living in Canada and taxes.

Americans Working in Canada and Taxes

Are you an American working in Canada? Consider the major tax consequences that will directly affect you! Here are 7 seven major tax implications that Americans working in Canada should watch out for.

Tax Implications of U.S. Companies Expanding to Canada

Many American companies today are looking towards Canada as one of the primary destinations for international expansion due to geographical proximity and Canada’s relatively strong and stable economy.

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