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Madan CA
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by Carol Fey on Madan CA
Dental Sales Representative
Your Location: Kitchener

My son had been following Alan Madan online and found him very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We used their services for the first time this year and we were highly impressed with how we were explained how they would handle our tax return. Rick Lee was the gentleman that personally handled my tax return and he was quick to expedite my return. He was prompt on email replies and phone call returns. I am very happy to finally have a company that will help me get the most from my tax returns. I would highly recommend them!

by Kaustav B. on Madan CA

I have had the pleasure of having Nick as our accountant for the last year. He has been super helpful,and available for with any questions that we may have had. Really appreciate his willingness to accommodate us even on weekends. Its been a great experience working with him.

by Patrick L. on Madan CA

I hired Madan Chartered Accountant last year when I started my businesses in Canada and in the US. It's been a pleasure to work with Imran Zafar this year. He always makes time out of his busy schedule to call me back and answer my questions and concerns. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks Imran

by Dalia Elsheikh on Madan CA

Nick Angelis has been our guy at Allan’s office. It has been great working with him over the last several years. He always answers your call and makes sure to get back to you. He has handled every situation with professionalism.

Like today where of course I have to file last minute. He handled it with such calm and put us at ease. Also should mention Allan is amazing when it comes to planning the overall financial picture. Thank you!!

by Terry M on Madan CA

Having returned from a long stint overseas we were happy to have worked with Bhavin Patel in sorting out our taxes as we became resident again in Canada. Our meeting with Bhavin was time efficient as he knew the right questions to ask to get the job done expeditiously. Thanks and see you next year!

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Rick A

3 years ago

Excellent service! I found out about this firm through the search engine. I had a few tax-related questions and called to speak with Alan Madan. The operator immediately put me in touch with him. He was very helpful and patiently answered all my questions. Very nice firm!


3 years ago

I live overseas. I own an investment property in Canada. They have been taking care of my tax returns for 3 years. Since my English isn't strong enough I had a hard time understanding complicated tax rules but they always help me. I highly recommend them if you live overseas and looking for a great account service.

Davin Piercey

3 years ago

I had never filed corporate tax before and was absolutely overwhelmed by the process. Madan Chartered Accountants took all the pain out of it and took care of everything very quickly. Highly recommended, I will use them again in the future.

Murray Janewski

3 years ago

I had several questions about doing business in the US. Allan answered everything on the spot, and also gave some advice that I hadn't thought of. I had everything I needed in one call and about 10 minutes. Couldn't be better!

NOYQ HarbourSQ

3 years ago

Received fast, excellent, professional service. very reasonable. Highly recommended Basil GMI

Mike Walchuk

3 years ago

Allan was very professional and helpful in explaining the accounting process for a first time landlord such as myself. Would recommend him to any other prospective landlords.

parmeet singh

3 years ago

i am a small business owner and most of the time i have a hard time to manage my accounts. Usually i found all my questions on internet but recently CRA closed my payroll account because i was paying myself dividend not salary for a while that is why i needed an accountant to setup my payroll account. Allan took time to talk to me on phone, he did not waste time he was right on the point and his konwledge on tax optimization and personnel finance was way beyond what i found on internet. And he did not charge anything, will recommend him for personnel and corporate taxation.

arpit patel

3 years ago

Excellent and straight forward service. Rates will be provided upfront so no surprises afterwards.

Hal S

3 years ago

Very helpful, informative and reassuring.


3 years ago

Had a tax question regarding "Non-residency Status for Tax Purposes" and the information Mr. Madan provided me through email saved me weeks of research and bewilderment I encountered by trying to find the answer by myself - where every person on the net had a different answer. Mr. Madan was precise, professional, and gracious with his email service, whereas another Chartered Accountant I emailed replied back within milliseconds saying he requires his basic "minimum fee of $500 up front before answering the question." Mr. Madan restored faith in humanity for me. I highly recommend gis services. Many thanks....

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