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Madan CA
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by Carol Fey on Madan CA
Dental Sales Representative
Your Location: Kitchener

My son had been following Alan Madan online and found him very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We used their services for the first time this year and we were highly impressed with how we were explained how they would handle our tax return. Rick Lee was the gentleman that personally handled my tax return and he was quick to expedite my return. He was prompt on email replies and phone call returns. I am very happy to finally have a company that will help me get the most from my tax returns. I would highly recommend them!

by Kaustav B. on Madan CA

I have had the pleasure of having Nick as our accountant for the last year. He has been super helpful,and available for with any questions that we may have had. Really appreciate his willingness to accommodate us even on weekends. Its been a great experience working with him.

by Patrick L. on Madan CA

I hired Madan Chartered Accountant last year when I started my businesses in Canada and in the US. It's been a pleasure to work with Imran Zafar this year. He always makes time out of his busy schedule to call me back and answer my questions and concerns. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks Imran

by Dalia Elsheikh on Madan CA

Nick Angelis has been our guy at Allan’s office. It has been great working with him over the last several years. He always answers your call and makes sure to get back to you. He has handled every situation with professionalism.

Like today where of course I have to file last minute. He handled it with such calm and put us at ease. Also should mention Allan is amazing when it comes to planning the overall financial picture. Thank you!!

by Terry M on Madan CA

Having returned from a long stint overseas we were happy to have worked with Bhavin Patel in sorting out our taxes as we became resident again in Canada. Our meeting with Bhavin was time efficient as he knew the right questions to ask to get the job done expeditiously. Thanks and see you next year!

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Juliet Dakpo

3 years ago

I found Madan CA though his Youtube videos. During our first call, Allan was able to answer all my questions clearly and factually. I'm still in the process of talking to other CAs, but he has been the best so far. He is excellent at customer service, knowledgeable and friendly.

Asif Raja

3 years ago

Madan Allan and his team is really professional. I am a Canadian national and moving to UAE for employment and living. Allan and his team help me to determine my non resident status while working in UAE. Their advise was clear and thorough with action list. I highly recommend Madan Chartered Accountant.


3 years ago

MADAN CA resolved our complicated Cross-Border tax issues with a high level of expertise and ease. We highly recommend their services without any reservation. Mr Vignesh Manick handled our account in a very timely and professional manner.

Sebastian Castro

3 years ago

I love Allan, he's been of a great help to me and me wife. I would recommend him.


3 years ago

When I purchased my condo in Hawaii, I had to quickly find a knowledgeable tax adviser who knew about filing taxes in the US, as a Canadian resident. I searched Youtube for information and came across Allan Madan's series of videos so I watched them one at a time and realized not only can he help me with the US real estate but he was extremely knowledgeable with setting a holding company for my investments. He took the time to explain the options, we listened, and took his advise, Allan and his team are extremely knowledgeable and always there to respond to emails quickly. I highly recommend Allan and his team. They are excellent at what they do. Thanks Allan, Francis, Gurrai and the rest of the team!

Andre Bodnar

3 years ago

Allan and his team are fantastic. They're patient, knowledgeable, and never made it seem like I was bothering them too much with my questions (even though I thought I might be). I'd absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a financial advisor and accountant.

John Wyse

3 years ago

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to queries regarding my business accounting questions

Joseph Pereira

3 years ago

I have enjoyed the fortunate experience of having to approach Allan Mandan on some advice about P&L and Balance Sheet issues relating to corporation taxes. Without prior knowledge about this organization, I was able to get to their website, pose my questions and get very accurate details on how to resolve my problems. All responses were prompt and to the point and it helped me quickly resolve my problems. There was absolutely no hesitation on Allan's part to help. I would highly recommend Allan Mandan and his organization, to anyone in need of a responsible accounting firm. Check out their website and convince yourself at:

Charles Hocquard

3 years ago

I have been with Madan Chartered Accountant since May/June 2014, and have received professional support and response on all issues. Their work has been quite prompt, as has their response to my many questions.

Linda Lam

3 years ago

I had a great experience with Madan Accounting. Allan initially corresponded with me. He was extremely patient with answering all of my questions and explaining to me in details what needed to be done. I am living abroad, so I had a lot of questions about non-resident taxes. After, I worked with Rishi who was also quick to respond and answer any questions and concerns I had either by email or on the phone. I highly recommend Madan CA.

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