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Madan CA
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by Harsh V. on Madan CA

Great work done by Rohan in my personal tax situation with cross border implications. Team has in depth knowledge of residency determination, US and Canadian Tax laws.

Rohan was prompt with his communication and accurate with his knowledge.

by Ankur S. on Madan CA

I worked with Ritika for filing my US and Canada taxes. Prompt and professional communication. Good knowledge of taxes. Very quick service. Attention to detail was better than other CPAs I have worked with but still could use improvement as I had to point to certain stock transactions that she missed in her initial calculations. Pricing was good too. I would come back and give them another try next year.

by Bridgette C. on Madan CA

Great service for our income tax returns! We've had our personal and corporate income tax returns done by this company for the last two years. We've always had our questions answered and they've also made sure that our forms are sent to CRA on time. Bijoy and Mahfuz were excellent!

by Nadia B. on Madan CA

Have been doing our taxes with Allan and his team at Madan Chartered Accountants and have had great experiences. Very professional and courteous. I've now been dealing with Imran for a few years and very pleased overall.

by Marivic T. on Madan CA

Again, I’m very grateful and satisfied with the service provided for me by this team. They’re always responsive and finished the work on time. Special mention to Imran Zafar who is very considerate, efficient and professional. You’re very well appreciated.

Stay safe and well guys. Thank you very much.

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Dominika S

4 years ago

I was looking for an accountant knowledgeable in the area of real estate. Allan gave me a free short consultation, and in that short time, I learned most of what I need to do to set up my investment properly and not to lose money. I'll be going back to him to do a proper investment strategy.

Nick Kekkas

4 years ago

I contacted Madan Chartered Accountant after briefly searching for an accountant with international tax experience. Allan addressed my questions swiftly and directed me to Hafsa Sharif who assisted me in the duration of the process. Hafsa was professional, very knowledgeable, and exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate to contact Hafsa at Madan CA in the future. Thanks.

Nader Hanna

4 years ago

The staff at Madan Accounting were incredibly helpful, we were so glad to work with them. we had a complex personal situation that required the assistance of a tax professional. The Madan staff explained everything in laymans' terms to us, and helped us see parts of the claim that we had previously missed. They were very prompt in their communications as well, so we knew that our returns and our tax reporting were in good hands. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of assistance with their taxes.

kim mcallister

4 years ago

I have been doing business with Madan Chartered Accountants for over three years as a supplier and I have found everyone there to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and very client oriented. Their attention to detail and process is admirable, and their quick response to questions and willingness to assist makes them an absolute pleasure to work with!

Rainer Cruz

4 years ago

Gurrai is diligent in answering my tax-related inquiries. In his busy schedule, he is able to allot a designated time to fill in and perform his duties for Madan Chartered Accountants.

Vouli Tsontzidis

4 years ago

Allan and his team continue to deliver fast and accurate returns for us year after year. His team is professional, eager and knowledgeble and respond to inquires with great advice every time. We would highly recommend Madan CA as personal and business tax consultants.

Andy Hall

4 years ago

Friendly, informative service - as a UK national living over here for a year, my tax issues are a little complicated, but Allan has been nothing but helpful.

Jauher Ahmad

4 years ago

Allan and his team are professional and thorough. Francis recently completed my tax return and did a great job. Allan also has specific knowledge of accounting strategies that many other accountants I spoke to don't. I highly recommend

Jordan Monaghan

4 years ago

These guys rock. Allan and his team have always done a great job it's a pleasure to publicly recommend them.

Robert Belsey

4 years ago

I chose madan based on their big 4 background and specifically their background in international tax - they have delivered

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