Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

Allan Madan, CA
 Oct 24, 2014

Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

Professionals across all industries and sectors can utilize a number of different strategies to minimize their overall tax obligations. In this presentation, Allan Madan provides the most effective tips for real estate agents to reduce their expenses and minimize their overall tax obligations.

The topics in this presentation include:

  • Deducting vehicle related expenses
  • Keeping a log book
  • Training costs deductibility
  • Declaring losses
  • Tax issue for non-resident investors
  • Home-office deductions
  • Three-tier structure for investment properties
  • Buying real estate in the US

You can learn more about these topics by downloading a copy of the presentation ‘Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents


The information provided on this page is intended to provide general information. The information does not take into account your personal situation and is not intended to be used without consultation from accounting and financial professionals. Allan Madan and Madan Chartered Accountant will not be held liable for any problems that arise from the usage of the information provided on this page.

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