Tax Tips for Canadians Working Abroad

If you are a Canadian who is working either permanently or temporarily abroad, there are many tax implications that you need to be aware of.  Tax implications are important things to consider for Canadian citizens who are working outside of Canada.

How to Save Tax For A Non-Resident Investing in Canada

If you are a non-resident investing in the Canadian real estate market, here are the top 5 tax tips that will help you save tax and avoid trouble from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax Tips for Newcomers to Canada

Are you a newcomer or know someone who is? Read this blog to learn more about Canadian taxes and the deductions and credits that are available to you.

Tax Implications for Canadians Doing Business in China

The Chinese market represents a huge opportunity for Canadian businesses looking to expand and increase their sales. With that said, in this short video I will summarize the tax implications for Canadians doing business in China.

What are the New Tax Rules for Non-Residents Working in Canada?

Are you a non-resident of Canada with a temporary job assignment in Canada?  If yes, then read this article to learn about your Canadian tax obligations.  The Canadian Federal Government has recently enforce new tax rules.

Employee Benefits in a Tax Free Country

If you temporarily relocate abroad for work, you may be entitled to numerous employee benefits. Some of these benefits include costs related to living and transportation.

Filing for a “Regulation 105 Waiver”

If you are a non-resident rendering services in Canada, you will be subjected to a 15% withholding tax. By filing the ‘Regulation 105 Waiver’ you can reduce and or eliminate this.

Non-Resident Taxation on RRSP and RIF Withdrawals

Today’s blog will focus on non-resident taxation on RRSP and RIF withdrawals, and the ways that these taxes can be reduced.

Are UN Employees Tax Exempt?

If you are a Canadian working for the United Nations, you may generally be exempt from taxation on any income earned from the UN. Depending on if you are a resident or non-resident of Canada, your tax filing obligations may differ. Want to learn more on UN employee tax exemption? Then this article is for … Continue reading Are UN Employees Tax Exempt?

How to Save Canadian Taxes as a New Immigrant

Being a new Canadian Immigrant can bring up new tax implications. Set up an immigration trust to save on your new Canadian taxes.

Taxes for International Companies and Individuals in Canada

Are you looking for information on international taxes and Canada? International companies and non-resident Canadians conducting business in Canada are subject to a wide array of different tax implications. Some of these implications include issues with permanent establishments, non-residential tax returns and withholding taxes.

Top 5 Misconceptions and Myths About Canadian Taxes for Non-Residents

This short article is called ‘Canadian Taxes for Non Residents and the Top Five Myths’.  I am going to clear up some misconceptions and myths, so let’s get started.

Tax Implications for Canadians Working Abroad, Overseas, Outside Canada

Français If you are a Canadian working aboard, whether permanently or temporarily, there are many tax implications involved. Find out what tax consequences you should consider if you are permanently or temporarily working aboard or overseas outside of Canada.

Non-Resident Tax on Rental Properties in Canada

Are you a non resident who owns real estate in Canada?  If the answer is yes, then you must read this article.  In this short write-up, I give you 6 Tips on “Non Resident Tax on Rental Properties in Canada.”

Becoming a Non-Resident of Canada

Are you considering leaving to work, live or retire abroad? Read further to learn about how you can become a non-resident of Canada. This article also explores the pros and cons of completing Form NR73 and the 10 major tax implications of becoming a non-resident.

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