Hi Allan,
My question is about the child tax credit claimed on a US return and how that affects the Canadian return. If my total tax was say $10,000 on my US tax return, but I received a $4,000 child tax credit to offset that, would my foreign taxes claimed on the Canadian return be $6,000 or $10,000? (This of course doesn’t include the medicare and SS tax paid in the US.)

I had my taxes previously done by a reputable cross border accountant and they informed me that “You have to include your US sourced income in your Canadian tax return as you are considered a resident of Canada, however you get a credit for the amount of tax paid on your US tax return related to that specific income. Doesn’t matter if you received a child tax credit, you still paid tax on that income and you get a credit for that in Canada.”

The CRA is now saying that is incorrect.

Thank you for your response.