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Madan CA
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 by Dawn F. on Madan CA

This is my first year using Madan CA's cross border tax filling service. My experience of working with Ritika Shrivastava has been quite positive. She is knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. I will definitely recommend Madan Chartered Accountant to other people.

 by Leslie C. on Madan CA

Thanks to Ritika and team! This is our 2nd year with Madan CA and we appreciate your excellent service dealing with US/Canadian taxes!

 by Nilesh on Madan CA

I have had a pleasure to work with Bijoy & Allan. Allan and his team are professional, courteous and thorough in their work. You can count on them to receive competent tax advice. Do not hesitate to contact them for your tax filing needs.

 by Timothy N. on Madan CA

For four years Madan CA has handled my taxes. Not one problem and top notch service every year. At Madan, Mukul Singh has been handling my taxes and has been absolutely great to work with.

 by Bob K. on Madan CA

Nick is a great person to work with - he's open minded , and thinks strategically about how to handle different tax situations, options and correspondomg implications....I always appreciate his thoughts and PoV. He's also very personable and easy to engage with....

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Cheryl Porter

6 years ago

I really appreciated the ability to work completely via email as I live in Tokyo. Contact with my accountant, Mike was always prompt, exact and clear. He was always there to help me understand the complexities of my non-resident filing, home purchase and sale details, and rental taxes for non-residents, and I could not have been happier with Mike and the all I dealt with at the office. Truly an excellent firm.

Will Ramirez

6 years ago

After having a horrible experience the previous year with another accounting firm that made a disaster of both my Canadian and American tax returns, Madan Chartered Accountant was a very pleasant experience. They were very professional, thorough and honest as to what my expectations would be. They actually ended up getting me a better refund than they originally anticipated using some clever benefit magic I know nothing about. All of this for a cost I found to be very fair, if not cheap.


6 years ago

I had an opportunity to get advise on doing business in the US; I have to say that I was very surprised and greatly satisfied when I had the response to my question in my mail box in less than 10 minutes. A very clear and direct response to exactly what I was asking in addition to providing options for my specific situation. Thank you for a professional, timely and clear communication.

Elizabeth Stoute

6 years ago

I was very pleased with the services provided by Mr. Madan and his staff. I needed an accounting firm to prepare my NRRI returns and I found the U-Tube video clip very informative and comprehensive. That was why I selected Madan CA and thety did not disappoint. Although it was a very busy time (April 30 was looming fast), my file was dealt with expeditiously and Mr. Madan himself, stayed on top of everything. Thank you very much.

Kulvinder Saini

6 years ago

The team here is very professional and competent at what they do. This is the second time I have my personal taxes done here and the team that helped me was very helpful and regularly available. Guar and Shion are excellent at what they do. Oh and Madan videos are helpful to get a basic understanding. I also had my business registered here and the corporate taxes prepared this team was equally as helpful and great with walking you through the process along with creating a tax plan.

D Fence

6 years ago

I had a great experience with Madan Chartered Account Firm. I required a US tax number and their knowledge was invaluable to me. I received my tax number in short order at a very reasonable cost. Thank you Brandon for all your helpLeslie WhittonPresident D-Fence Products Inc.

neeraja ramjee

6 years ago

I would highly recommend Madan Chartered Accountants. They are professional, responsive and get the job done with minimal hassle from the clients end. Very approachable, do a good job and reasonably priced.

Rhonda Fraser

6 years ago

A how-to video drew me to this website, and I was then impelled to contact and use their service. It was a pleasure to have such a great team to help with a first time corporate filing. Everyone was extremely professional, efficient, hard working, and so very helpful. I would recommend Madan CA to anyone, and I know that I will not hesitate to use their services in the future. Great experience!

Adam Webster

6 years ago

so far so good - Allan is digitally conversant, internationally aware and on top of our complicated US Canadian life

Mike Sa

6 years ago

I had wonderful experience with Madan Chartered accountant , they are very responsive , accessible any point of time , accountable and the most important they are trust worthy. Well done Madan and keep the customer focus up, this for sure will take you up and forward.

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