Do you or someone you love live on a modest income? Find out how filing your taxes can help!

Allan Madan, CPA, CA
 Apr 13, 2015

Do you or someone you love live on a modest income? Find out how filing taxes can help!

In todays’ world, paying for everyday essentials like heating bills and property taxes can add up quickly – especially for those with modest incomes. that’s why it’s so important to file a tax return each year. By filing your return, you become eligible for a number of Ontario tax credits and benefits designed to help with these everyday costs.

The Ontario Trillium Benefit provides people with sales tax and property tax relief and helps people living in the North with their higher energy costs. It is estimated the 2014 Ontario Trillium Benefit will provide about $2.5 billion to over 4 million low to moderate income families and single people in Ontario.

Don’t miss out on how the Ontario Trillium Benefit can help you and your family!

To receive the benefit in a timely manner, you need to file your tax return by April 30 each year, even if you don’t have any income to report, make sure you include a completed ON-BEN application, which is part of the basic tax return package.

Investing in you – How it works!

Here is an example, of how this benefit can work for you! If you are eligible, you could receive the following:

Find out today if you are eligible!


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