Can you explain how I can withdraw the over-contributed RRSP amounts from the financial institution?

Allan Madan, CA
 Nov 12, 2013


If you over contribute in your RRSP (even beyond the $2,000 allowed) you run the risk of being penalized 1% of the over contribution per month. So when you realize you do not want to leave it in the RRSP and be penalized, you try and withdraw it from the financial institution.

However, the institution will withhold 15% of the withdrawal as tax. Before withdrawing the amounts, you can file a form T3012A and get it approved by the CRA to show the financial institution to not withhold any taxes. Or after withdrawing the amounts, you can file a form T746.

The withdrawal will show up on the tax return as an income inclusion on line 129, and the same amount will be deducted online 232. And the tax withheld will be included on line 437.



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