Looking to incorporate your business but don’t know where to start? At Madan CA, we create an easy transition for those who want to take the next step towards growing their business.

Our Service

The decision to incorporate your business is an important one. Incorporation can provide you with a number of benefits and advantages, which is why you should employ the services of experienced professionals. Here at Madan Chartered Accountant PC, we have helped hundreds of small business owners incorporate with a carefully structured setup so that they can maximize their profits and minimize their tax obligations. Our incorporation services will help you cover the basics along with the more technical stuff. We can assist you with obtaining a business payroll and HST number, along with building the legal formation of your corporation. We can also help you develop a strategy to protect your profits through developing a holding company, as well as provide you with updated minute books. Choose Madan CA and be assured that the incorporation process for your business is drafted by credible professionals.

Key Elements of our Incorporation Services

  • Obtaining a business payroll and HST number from the CRA
  • Forming a corporation
  • Updating corporate minute books
  • Formation of a holding company to protect your profits



Client Testimonial:

Used the services of Allan and his team to incorporate my consulting firm, and handle the transition from a sole proprietor. The group is experienced and very willing to provide the insight and advice needed, and the process went very smoothly. Will be continuing to use their services both personally and professionally. - Jim Mikell

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  1. Love you so comments page and all the articals you have up there.

    Do you have any prices for incorporating? Or a package of any kind.

    I’m aware of all the government fees.
    Just not sure if I want to do the articals of incorporating on my own

    1. Hi Russ,

      Thanks for contacting me. The fee to incorporate a company and prepare a minute book is $900. This includes government fees and name search fees. Taxes and mailing charges are extra. Also included is:

      – Corporate by-laws
      – Share certificates
      – Share transfer ledger
      – Minutes
      – Officers / directors / shareholders registers
      – Directors resolutions
      – Corporate seal

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me @ (905)268-0150.

  2. Hi I would like to open federal corporate account. What is the total cost associated to set it up through your firm. Kindly advise. thanks

    1. Hi Samin,
      I would be pleased to incorporate a Canadian company for you. My fee of $918 + tax includes the following:

      * Articles of incorporation
      * All government fees and name search fees included
      * Directors resolutions
      * Share certificates
      * Corporate bylaws
      * Officers, directors and shareholders registers
      * Corporate minute book + seal

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