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Madan CA
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by Catherine W. on Madan CA

Worked with Madan Chartered Accountant for the past two years and have had a great experience throughout. We most recently had the staff accountant Bijoy Alex work on our tax returns. He took the time to answer all of our questions whether through email or on a phone call as it wasn't a straightforward return. Would recommend Madan Chartered Accountants!

by Kate O. on Madan CA

I am very happy with my experience working with Madan Chartered Accountant! Rohan Badkar was thorough and professional while helping me with a complicated and uncommon cross-border tax situation. I especially appreciated his patience and responsiveness during the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Thank you, Rohan!

by Mara H. on Madan CA

I used Madan CA for filing my taxes and worked with Bhavin Patel. He was very attentive and responded quickly to all my questions. Knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend!

by Harsh V. on Madan CA

Great work done by Rohan in my personal tax situation with cross border implications. Team has in depth knowledge of residency determination, US and Canadian Tax laws.

Rohan was prompt with his communication and accurate with his knowledge.

by Ankur S. on Madan CA

I worked with Ritika for filing my US and Canada taxes. Prompt and professional communication. Good knowledge of taxes. Very quick service. Attention to detail was better than other CPAs I have worked with but still could use improvement as I had to point to certain stock transactions that she missed in her initial calculations. Pricing was good too. I would come back and give them another try next year.

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Swayam S.

4 months ago

Ritika worked on my tax return for a complex situation involving US & Canada. She was diligent and attentive while keeping my tight timelines in mind. She made sure that my tax gets properly filed in a timely manner and accurate manner. I would highly recommend her for filing your tax returns.

Adam Wysockyj

4 months ago

Expedient, helpful and knowledgeable services during my year end. I highly recommend both Sarah and Abid when engaging with Madan Chartered Accountants, who both were excellent and friendly to work with. A+++


4 months ago

Anbrowanil Roy has been preparing my cross border taxes for last 2 years. His knowledge and expertise has made the tax process transition smoothly. Thanks Roy, you've been great to work with, Cheers!


5 months ago

I needed assistance with my US tax return and was referred to Madan accountants. This is a stressful time of year for me having to complete two sets of taxes, just one is bad enough!! I worked with Akhil on my tax preparation and I have to say he made the process very easy and stress free.Communication and direction was prompt and clear, everything was complete and sent on time. I would recommend anyone needing help with international taxes to Akhil. Very happy with the service and results. I will be using Akhil at Madan for all my international tax needs. Elisa.

Josie Godfrey

5 months ago

This website is the most helpful and informative I have ever seen. It shows how Allan and his team are genuinely eager to help all taxpayers. This colourful website includes details of filing, submission dates and tax tips. They offer free consultation and ebooks to help educate taxpayers. You can always rely on a prompt and professional advice from Allan. Thank you very much Allan!

Ming L

6 months ago

I've been happy with the service that Madan Chartered Accountants have provided. Ritika Shrivastava helped me file my cross-border Canada/US taxes accurately and satisfactorily.

Samir Srivastava

6 months ago

I contacted Madan Chartered Accountant for the first time in 2018 for creation of a new incorporation. As a non-resident Canadian, I was very happy the way Allan & his team helped me to understand the process and helped in all possible way to complete the entire process.
This year I worked with Abid Manzoor & Bijoy Alex for return filing and both are very knowledgeable and helpful. They made entire tax filing process was very easy to understand and complete. I strongly recommend their tax services.

Samir S

6 months ago

I engaged with Madan Chartered Accountant since we incorporated a new company in Canada in 2018. Allan & his team were very helpful in providing us all the guidance to me (a non-resident Canadian) to ensure all precess were completed very smoothly.
I also worked with Abid Manzoor & Bijoy Alex in December 2019 to file first return of our company. I am very happy with their services & would highly recommend them for their knowledge & diligence.

Michael H.

6 months ago

I found the free business videos very beneficial to my search for information to start out in business. I would recommend Allan Madan and the team.

Jateen Patel

6 months ago

I typically do my own taxes, but I've recently moved to San Francisco and needed to file taxes for both Canadian and US earnings. Akhil Jha was very helpful with providing the information I needed to provide as well as completing the tax paperwork in a timely manner. Highly recommend for other people who are in a similar situation.

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