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Madan CA
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 by Tom Newell

I have been a client with Madan Chartered Accountants for over 20 years. They are professional, responsive and help me navigate complicated tax issues that many others could not support. Umar was particularly helpful with a recent issue and it got resolved with 100% satisfaction. Thanks Umar and Allan for all of help on this one and for many years of support.

 by Dheeraj Joshi

We wanted to register our company in the US. Bijoy and Allan helped with this. It was awesome working with them. They went above and beyond to ensure this was done. Thank you Allan and Bijoy!

 by Mohammed Azzam

Great overall experience with Madan Accounting, I been working with Bijoy Alex, Ahmed Halai, and others, they are very knowledgeable. You will find great experience in house, get great advice and strategy planning for your financial year. Keep up the Great Work Madan Accounting!!

 by Chad Carter

Madan Chartered Accountants has be such an efficient and effective way of taking care of all my cross border needs this year. They are very thorough and take pride in their service. Bijoy has been a great help, very easy to speak with and contact. They make you feel very at ease especially if you are new at cross border investing. Thank you again guys.

 by Muss Mal

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Fast and good work from Allan. Thank you.

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3 months ago

Great experience working with Madan Chartered Accountant, very thorough, collaborative, and always available. Thank you!

Sami I.

3 months ago

Pallavi Katiyar was very helpful and patient, Great Customer Service!

Kiran K.

3 months ago

Did my spouse and my 2021 Canadian Tax returns through Umar M and he was a pleasure to work with. All responses were prompt, helpful and returns were completed on time. Would recommend Umar to anyone looking to do their Canadian Tax returns!


3 months ago

Aziz is and has been fantastic and very thorough in guiding me through my accounting, bookkeeping and hst filing. Highly recommended!

Jewan P.

3 months ago

Relationship since 2013. Madan C.A. always delivered. Their work has always been of a high standard, efficiently handled and closely supervised. Over the years I have dealt with Allan Madan who would allocate an associate for my return and in this way I have had the pleasure of meeting Waqar Azeem, Bhavin Patel and several others who have always performed to my entire satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending this firm.

Mitchell M.

3 months ago

Reached out to Alan and team to help me with my Canadian and US tax return. They were efficient, communicative, and all around great to work with again. Bhavin Patel took care of my Canadian tax return and nothig but positive things to say about the whole experience.

Timothy R.

3 months ago

Amazing team! Just spoke to Pallavi who was wonderful in assisting me with my appointment. She was professional, polite and very accommodating!

Amanda R.

3 months ago

Sarah was very helpful and professional in regards to our personal taxes. the whole team was able to help us in so many areas!

Jeffery W.

3 months ago

This is my third year using Madan Chartered accountants. Time and time again, Allan and his team continue to demonstrate true professionalism and knowledge in the cross border accounting space. A special thanks to Mukul Singh for his detailed explanations and breaking down of US/Canadian tax law.

Krishna C.

3 months ago

I have received excellent service from Mukul Singh

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