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Madan CA
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 by BalaRama Iyer
Your Location: Burlington, ON & Sacramento CA

I took the service of Mukul and I have to say that I got an excellent service in a timely manner with precision and details. The complexity that I had is the cross border taxes filing and my previous accountant isn't having the knowledge like Mukul provided for my case. Excellent service and I recommend using him.

 by Sara P.

Nick was super helpful not only in preparing returns for my Canadian business, but also advising on strategies for limiting my tax exposure as a small consulting agency working across US and CDN borders. Working with Madan has been an empowering experience. I feel more confidant in my ability to operate a business out of Canada and the U.S. in a way that is profitable and aligns with government requirements.

 by Tom B.

MadanCA helped me with my cross-border taxes. Satvinder and Allan were very communicative, prompt and professional. I will continue to do my taxes with Satvinder

 by Govinda S.

Phenomenal service! Madan, Aziz and the team have been incredible in our personal and corporate tax matters. Good work and organization is one thing, superior knowledge and putting that knowledge into play is another. I highly recommend!

 by Srini T.

I was looking for Cross Border CPA and I came across Madan Chartered accountants. Mukul Singh dealt with my case and handled it very professionally. He always responded promptly to my emails and phone calls.

I had a great experience with Madan Chartered Accountants and I recommend Mukul.

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Peter K.

3 months ago

Great knowledgeable tax preparation!

Kishore N.

3 months ago

Nick is the to-go person for my all questions. Definitely, recommend Nick and Madan CA!

Bir S.

3 months ago

I have been dealing with Waqar Azeem from Madan CA and he is really knowledgeable. I file taxes for both US and Canada due to work and he guides me for best practices. He is very professional and a great resource for the organization.

Srinivas N.

3 months ago

I called Madan Chartered Accountants and dealt with Satvinder Singh. He was very helpful and I use to get an immediate response. He understood the urgency of my issue and advised me the best way to resolve my issue that was cross border related.
I recommend to reaching out to Satvinder singh for cross border related filings.

Abrar K.

4 months ago

It was a pleasant experience working with Rashid and Madan's entire team. I missed one meeting due to a last minute issue and was late to inform and Mr Madan rescheduled to another day despite me not showing up without any hesitation or question. Good work.

Venu G.

4 months ago

I called Madan Chartered Accountants and dealt with Mukul Singh. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and very responsive. He understood my issue completely and advised me the best way to resolve my issue that was cross border related
If I ever need similar help I will be only reaching out to Mukul Singh!

Tina B.

4 months ago

Excellent experience working with Mukul Singh. Strongly recommend for any type of tax services from Canadian to cross border.

Shiva T.

4 months ago

Simply the best. Allan and Bhavin guided me smoothly through getting everything in order when I moved outside Canada for a job. Allan is a living encyclopedia and Bhavin puts me and my interest at the centre in every step. Despite the quality of service and assurance you are getting, their fees are on par or even better than prevailing market rates. I refer everyone to them for accounting and tax work.

Ryan C.

4 months ago

Had a good experience with Rashid and Allan. The tax implications of becoming a non-resident are complex, and they helped me make sense of it.

Abeeha B.

4 months ago

Bhavin was very responsive, professional, and helped me in a time crunch since my previous accountant ghosted me. He helped answer all my questions via a Zoom call and provided timely updates and guidance!
10/10 would recommend.

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