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Madan CA
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 by Tom Newell

I have been a client with Madan Chartered Accountants for over 20 years. They are professional, responsive and help me navigate complicated tax issues that many others could not support. Umar was particularly helpful with a recent issue and it got resolved with 100% satisfaction. Thanks Umar and Allan for all of help on this one and for many years of support.

 by Dheeraj Joshi

We wanted to register our company in the US. Bijoy and Allan helped with this. It was awesome working with them. They went above and beyond to ensure this was done. Thank you Allan and Bijoy!

 by Mohammed Azzam

Great overall experience with Madan Accounting, I been working with Bijoy Alex, Ahmed Halai, and others, they are very knowledgeable. You will find great experience in house, get great advice and strategy planning for your financial year. Keep up the Great Work Madan Accounting!!

 by Chad Carter

Madan Chartered Accountants has be such an efficient and effective way of taking care of all my cross border needs this year. They are very thorough and take pride in their service. Bijoy has been a great help, very easy to speak with and contact. They make you feel very at ease especially if you are new at cross border investing. Thank you again guys.

 by Muss Mal

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Fast and good work from Allan. Thank you.

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Ed S.

3 months ago

I have dealt with Madan Chartered Accounting in relation to Incorporating two business I own. This process has generated many questions and Madan's have provided their expertise in answering all of them.

Without exception I have found their level of knowledge, their attention to detail to be excellent. They provide real world advice that I have followed each and every time.

They are honest, hard working folks.

A special Call Out to Senior Accountant Bijoy ALEX. Bijoy is the man to see for all your accounting needs.

Thanks to everyone at Madan Chartered Accounting.

Ed Spence

Rahul Dutt

3 months ago

I had contacted for a 'non-resident of Canada' consultation. Allan is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I am working with Rashid Manzoor who is equally professional and prompt. I would highly recommend Madan Chartered Accountants.

Pradip Choudhuri

3 months ago

Sarah Siddiqui of Madan Associates has been handling my Canada income tax returns for the last two years. She is very efficient, professional and knowledgeable and has given me excellent support. I am very happy with her services.

Pathak p

3 months ago

Madan CA helped me with my departure tax return.
Rashid and Allan were very helpful, supportive, communicative and professional. Rashid and Allan responded promptly to my emails and they resolved all my queries .thank you Allan and Rashid
Excellent service.


3 months ago

I’m very happy with the service I got from Bhavin Patel in the preparation of my non resident tax return. He was very knowledgeable, professional, communicative and helpful. Excellent service that I recommend to everyone !

Jamie Tyndall

3 months ago

I had a huge problem being a US resident owning a property in Canada. Having to sell the property was hard but figuring out tax law between to countries was even harder. There is a lot factors to consider and Bhavin Patel of Madan accounting was awesome. He helped me understand the process and the forms to fill out to get our CRA certificate and fil our rental income tax returns. I would recommend him in an instant. He honestly saved me alot of stress and sleep. I am good at what I do and learned a long time ago to hire like minded people. And Bhavin Patel is great at his job and gave me piece of mind. thank you....

Victoria L.

4 months ago

Great support from the assistant in reception- Pallavi helped me with a short notice invite. Here is where the services of MADAN start.


4 months ago

Thanks Bijoy for this prompt professional service as usual.

BalaRama Iyer

9 months ago

I took the service of Mukul and I have to say that I got an excellent service in a timely manner with precision and details. The complexity that I had is the cross border taxes filing and my previous accountant isn't having the knowledge like Mukul provided for my case. Excellent service and I recommend using him.

Sara P.

9 months ago

Nick was super helpful not only in preparing returns for my Canadian business, but also advising on strategies for limiting my tax exposure as a small consulting agency working across US and CDN borders. Working with Madan has been an empowering experience. I feel more confidant in my ability to operate a business out of Canada and the U.S. in a way that is profitable and aligns with government requirements.

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