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Madan CA
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by Rares Radut on Madan CA

Had a great experience with Mukul Singh, who was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me navigate a difficult and specific cross-border tax issue. Would recommend to anyone with cross border tax situations.

by Brian H. on Madan CA

I would certainly recommend them! It was obvious they're good at what they do.

by Sachin M. on Madan CA

Ritika and her team filed my 2019 taxes and I have signed my engagement letter for Madan Chartered Accountants to prepare my 2020 US tax filing. Riitka is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. If you are looking for accountants to assist with Cross-border tax filing, do not hesitate to contact Ritika, as you will be in good hands.

by Dharmesh P on Madan CA

Good quality. Fast service. Allan and Bijoy are fantastic at their Job !!

by Natasha P. on Madan CA

I have recently had Madan CA do my Tax Returns and the end result was amazing. Bhavin Patel was very professional in his approach, communication was great, responds to telephone calls immediately and always available to answer phone calls, emails or give advice. Highly recommended.

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9 months ago

Bhavin Patel worked on our departure tax returns and section 216 this year. He was very professional and eager to answer my questions. This is the first year I have worked with Madan Chartered Accountants and am sure I will continue to do so for the next tax returns.
Thank you Bhavin!

Catherine W.

10 months ago

Worked with Madan Chartered Accountant for the past two years and have had a great experience throughout. We most recently had the staff accountant Bijoy Alex work on our tax returns. He took the time to answer all of our questions whether through email or on a phone call as it wasn't a straightforward return. Would recommend Madan Chartered Accountants!

Kate O.

10 months ago

I am very happy with my experience working with Madan Chartered Accountant! Rohan Badkar was thorough and professional while helping me with a complicated and uncommon cross-border tax situation. I especially appreciated his patience and responsiveness during the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Thank you, Rohan!

Mara H.

10 months ago

I used Madan CA for filing my taxes and worked with Bhavin Patel. He was very attentive and responded quickly to all my questions. Knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend!

Harsh V.

11 months ago

Great work done by Rohan in my personal tax situation with cross border implications. Team has in depth knowledge of residency determination, US and Canadian Tax laws.

Rohan was prompt with his communication and accurate with his knowledge.

Ankur S.

11 months ago

I worked with Ritika for filing my US and Canada taxes. Prompt and professional communication. Good knowledge of taxes. Very quick service. Attention to detail was better than other CPAs I have worked with but still could use improvement as I had to point to certain stock transactions that she missed in her initial calculations. Pricing was good too. I would come back and give them another try next year.

Bridgette C.

11 months ago

Great service for our income tax returns! We've had our personal and corporate income tax returns done by this company for the last two years. We've always had our questions answered and they've also made sure that our forms are sent to CRA on time. Bijoy and Mahfuz were excellent!

Nadia B.

11 months ago

Have been doing our taxes with Allan and his team at Madan Chartered Accountants and have had great experiences. Very professional and courteous. I've now been dealing with Imran for a few years and very pleased overall.

Marivic T.

12 months ago

Again, I’m very grateful and satisfied with the service provided for me by this team. They’re always responsive and finished the work on time. Special mention to Imran Zafar who is very considerate, efficient and professional. You’re very well appreciated.

Stay safe and well guys. Thank you very much.

Brian H.

12 months ago

I was very pleased with the quality and value that Mukul of Madan Chartered Accountants provided. I recently moved back to Canada from the US and had a dual filing. Mukul was also very prompt in responding to my questions. I also appreciated that Alan Madan took the time to go through my tax situation with me.

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