Can I claim EI if I am self-employed?

Allan Madan, CA
 Sep 5, 2012


It is very important that to point out that self-employed contractors are NOT eligible for general EI benefits. If you are unemployed, you will not receive EI.
If you were fully self-employed (had no insurable earnings coming in from a job) during the year, there is a “Special EI Contribution” Program for which you are eligible.

  • Firstly, you must have registered for EI and waited at least 12 months before making a claim
  • Secondly, in the prior year (2011), your self-employed earnings should have been at least $6,222 (minimum)
  • Lastly, claims can ONLY be made on sickness (must provide proof and medical certificate); maternity (must provide proof/certificate); gravely ill family member (must provide medical proof/certificate)

You will be always required to provide proof to make claims.



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