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  • Tax on Real Estate Sales in Canada

    Ever wonder how to deal with tax on real estate sales in Canada? If you own a rental property or a real estate investment in Canada, and have sold or are thinking of selling, read this article for helpful tax tips that can save you thousands. more

  • Tax Implications of Canadians Selling US Property

    Do you own or are thinking of owning a property in the United States? When the Canadian dollar was on par with the US dollar, many Canadians bought U.S property. But now as the Canadian dollar weakens, some people want to sell and lock in their gains. In this video, I will discuss the cross border tax implications for Canadians who are selling a property in the United States. To see more click here.

  • Tax Write-Offs for a Small Business in Canada

    If you own a small Canadian business, it is beneficial to claim these 8 tax write-offs, as they will help reduce your business’ taxable income and taxes payable. more

  • Why do LLCs Result in Double Taxation for Canadians?

    If you are a Canadian interested in making a U.S. property investment, using an LLC will ultimately result in double taxation for you.  more

  • Transferring Business to Family Member in Canada

    As a baby-boomer coming close to retirement, you may consider transferring your business to a loved one in the future. Here are a few simple tips to get you started. more

  • New Tax Rate for the Canada Pension Plan (2016)

    The Federal Government is going to be taking more money from your paycheck and putting it towards the Canada Pension Plan. In doing this, their goal is to help support retired Canadians by giving them access to more retirement income. more

  • Tax Tips for Canadians Working Abroad

    If you are a Canadian who is working either permanently or temporarily abroad, there are many tax implications that you need to be aware of.  Tax implications are important things to consider for Canadian citizens who are working outside of Canada. more

  • How to Save Tax For A Non-Resident Investing in Canada

    If you are a non-resident investing in the Canadian real estate market, here are the top 5 tax tips that will help you save tax and avoid trouble from the Canada Revenue Agency. more

  • Tax Tips for Newcomers to Canada

    Are you a newcomer or know someone who is? Read this blog to learn more about Canadian taxes and the deductions and credits that are available to you.

  • Tax Implications for Canadians Doing Business in China

    The Chinese market represents a huge opportunity for Canadian businesses looking to expand and increase their sales. With that said, in this short video I will summarize the tax implications for Canadians doing business in China.

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