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  • How to Prepare a Rental Form

    Find out how you can prepare a Statement of Real Estate Rental Form T776 as part of your personal tax filing. This is meant for investors that own rental properties in Canada and would like to file their tax returns independently.

  • How to Prepare a T4 Slip

    What is a T4 slip?

    A T4 slip reports salary and wages paid by a Canadian corporation to its employees.  In order to prepare a T4 slip, you must follow these 12 easy steps below.

  • How to Prepare a T5 Slip

    A T5 slip reports dividends paid by a Canadian corporation to its shareholder(s). In order to prepare a T5 slip, you must follow these 8 easy steps below.

  • Taxation of Stock Options for Employees in Canada

    Did you receive stock options from your Canadian employer? If yes, then it’s highly recommended that you go over the points in this article. In this article, I explain how the “Taxation of Stock Options for Employees in Canada” directly affects you.


  • U.S. Tax I.D. Numbers for Canadians

    I will explain what an ITIN is and how you can apply for one. This number is not a replacement for the Social Security Number (SSN)

  • 5 Best Business Tax Tips for the Year End

    Take advantage of these 5 tax tips before the end of the year and save taxes for your business.

  • Tax on Real Estate Sales in Canada

    Ever wonder how to deal with tax on real estate sales in Canada? If you own a rental property or a real estate investment in Canada, and have sold or are thinking of selling, read this article for helpful tax tips that can save you thousands. more

  • Tax Implications of Canadians Selling US Property

    Do you own or are thinking of owning a property in the United States? When the Canadian dollar was on par with the US dollar, many Canadians bought U.S property. But now as the Canadian dollar weakens, some people want to sell and lock in their gains. In this video, I will discuss the cross border tax implications for Canadians who are selling a property in the United States. To see more click here.

  • Tax Write-Offs for a Small Business in Canada

    If you own a small Canadian business, it is beneficial to claim these 8 tax write-offs, as they will help reduce your business’ taxable income and taxes payable. more

  • Why do LLCs Result in Double Taxation for Canadians?

    If you are a Canadian interested in making a U.S. property investment, using an LLC will ultimately result in double taxation for you.  more

  • Free Online Tax Assessment

    Save on Personal Taxes with this Incredible tool!

    Save on thousands of dollars every year on personal taxes with this Incredible, FREE tool!


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