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  • Tax Tips for Newcomers to Canada

    Are you a newcomer or know someone who is? Read this blog to learn more about Canadian taxes and the deductions and credits that are available to you.

  • Tax Implications for Canadians Doing Business in China

    The Chinese market represents a huge opportunity for Canadian businesses looking to expand and increase their sales. With that said, in this short video I will summarize the tax implications for Canadians doing business in China.

  • Tax Strategies for Physicians in Canada

    Are you a physician or medical doctor who ncludings tired of getting beat down by the taxman? In this article, we will share 4 unique tax saving strategies for medical doctors in Canada.

  • Top Tax Saving Strategies for Small Businesses Webinar

    If you missed our Webinar for Top Tax Saving Strategies for small businesses, you can watch it here!

  • How the 2016 Budget Could Affect CCPCs in Canada.

    Canadian-Controlled Private Companies (CCPCs) currently enjoy a low business federal tax rate of 10.5% for profits below $500,000. Profits that exceed $500,000 are taxed at a higher federal rate of 15%. Provincial tax rates are extra. Previously, the Conservative Government planned to reduce the low federal tax rate (10.5%) to 9% over four years. However, the newly elected Liberal Government will not be lowering the rate to 9%. Instead it will be kept at 10.5%.

  • 8 Ways to Reduce Taxes In Canada

    With the due date for Canadian taxes quickly approaching, have you ever wondered “how can I reduce my taxes?”. Read further to learn about how you can save the right way.


  • Payroll Taxes for Canadians Temporarily Working in the U.S.

    Are you a Canadian planning on temporarily working in the United States and are worried about how your payroll will be taxed? Learn about a strategy that will help you prevent double taxation and save your hard earned money along the way.

  • How to Reduce Your Taxes on RRSP Withdrawals

    Do you have a significant amount of money in your RRSPs and are concerned about the high tax you will have to pay once you liquidate them? Read more to learn a useful strategy to liquidate your RRSPs today without having to pay tax and grow your savings tax efficiently.

  • Tax Implications on Real Estate Seminar by Allan Madan

    Allan Madan presents, “Tax Implications of Real Estate” at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. more

  • How can I get tax free benefits from my corporation?

    Do you own a small corporation in Canada? Did you know that you could receive tax-free benefits from your corporation? In this video, I will highlight 3 types of tax benefits that you can get – A company car, medical expenses, and pension.


  • Free Online Tax Assessment

    Save on Personal Taxes with this Incredible tool!

    Save on thousands of dollars every year on personal taxes with this Incredible, FREE tool!


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