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  • How to Choose Your Next Tax Preparer

    Tax season is fast approaching and in efforts to gain your business, tax preparers may promise you big refunds, some of which are valid and others that are red flags. Read further to learn about the things you should consider and what to watch out for. more

  • Filing Tax Returns for U.S. Citizens Living in Canada

    Over 1 million US citizens are living in Canada. Yet, many of them are unaware of their tax filing obligations. Read more to learn about what you should do so that you will never have to miss a tax filing deadline again.

  • Don’t Wait Till Tax Season – Prep for Your Taxes Now!

    Are you frustrated during tax season trying to get all your receipts together? Your tax return can only be as organized and accurate as you prepare for it whether you are filing it yourself or with a professional. Here is what you can do now to get organized and make tax season easier.

  • Tax Tips for Young Professionals

    Are you a young professional that’s just starting to handle your own finances? Now that you’re making more money than when you were in college, what do you do with it all? How do you plan on saving it and spending it? In this video, I will reveal some essential tips you should consider towards your first big investments.

  • Tax Tips for Fresh Grads

    If you have just finished school, and are just starting out your professional life, you might be wondering what tax strategies and credits you should take advantage of. Learn about some of the basic things you should consider.

  • Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Canada?

    Are you looking to downsize but don’t know if you should rent a property or buy? When the time comes to downsizing from your home to an apartment or condo, it is difficult to decide whether renting or owning a property is the right strategic move for you. There are many financial and emotional factors that you must consider.

  • Benefits of Incorporating Your Business Using Section 85

    Are you self-employed? If yes, you may want to think about eventually turning your business into a corporation. There are financial benefits that can be gained by choosing to incorporate.

  • 3 Tax Savings Strategies for 2015

    Prime Minister Trudeau promised that taxes will be going up for the rich and going down for the middle class in Canada at the start of 2016. Read further to learn about the top 3 tax savings strategies that you can take advantage of by the end of the year.

  • Top Tax Savings Strategies Webinar

    Did you miss our webinar for our top tax saving strategies? We have recorded the session and you can still catch it here! In this Webinar we review our top tax saving strategies that you should take advantage of before the end of 2015.

  • Should I Declare a Year-End Bonus or Pay Dividends from Company Profits to Myself?

    With the end of the year approaching, business owners must make important decisions quickly to reduce their business taxes for the year, one of which is paying out bonuses. Read further to figure out what decision is best for you.

  • Free Online Tax Assessment

    Save on Personal Taxes with this Incredible tool!

    Save on thousands of dollars every year on personal taxes with this Incredible, FREE tool!


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