Madan Internal Training

Madan Internal Training

Bare Trust Agreement

Use this template to help you prepare for a Bare Trust Agreement. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

45(3) Election Letter for Trust

Use this letter when the trust needs to claim a Principal Residence Exemption using a 45(3) election. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

Section 85 Rollover (BC)

This training material is for a Section 85 Rollover in the province of BC involving the transfer of shares from an individual or corporation resident in BC to a corporation resident in BC. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

Sample Subsection 50(1) Election Letter

Use this template to prepare an election pursuant to subsection 50(1) of the Income Tax Act. This allows a taxpayer to claim a capital loss on debt that has become bad. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

Personal Tax Training

These documents provide 3 day personal tax training that covers the most common case for Canadian personal tax and non-resident personal tax return (including departure return emigrant and entry return for immigrant). Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

Ontario Share Redemption Resolutions

See the following forms for an Ontario corporation where there is a share redemption. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

8833 Treaty Statements

This training material gives real examples of treaty statements (pursuant to the Canada U.S. Tax Treaty) that an individual can use when filing a U.S. tax return. Form 8833 should be attached to the individual’s us tax filing. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

1040 Case for John Doe (Employment Income, Foreign Wages & Rental Income)

This case is for the preparation of a 1040 return for John Doe who is a U.S. resident and non-resident of Canada. He has foreign wages from Canada, a W2, rental income, and other income. Please prepare a 1040 return and a Non-Resident Canadian return (T4 income). Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

1040-NR (U.S. Non Resident Alien) Training

This material covers topics specific to non-resident aliens of the US, and the basics of preparing a 1040-NR return. Continue reading

Madan Internal Training

Filing Status, Standard Deduction & Itemized Deduction

This training material reviews the different filing status available when preparing a 1040 return, and the difference between the standard deduction and itemized deductions. Continue reading

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