What happens if I filed an NR6 that was approved by the CRA but I did not file the section 216 return by the deadline of June 30th?

Allan Madan, CA
 Nov 12, 2013


By way of background, the Section 216 Tax Return reports the net rental profits (i.e. revenues – expenses) earned on an Canadian rental property, which is owned by a Non-resident of Canada. The NR6 Form is a waiver that reduces the withholding tax rate of 25% on gross rents received by the landlord to only 25% of the net rental profits (i.e. revenue – expenses) earned by the landlord.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, if you fail to file the section 216 return by its due date (June 30), you will have to pay non-resident withholding tax of 25% on the gross rental income. The moral of the story is: Do not file the Section 216 Tax Return past the due date!



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